David, my darling Husband, rest in peace, you were sadly taken from me with your illness. You are no longer in pain. You will never be forgotten, you will always be in my heart. Love you always, your Wife Sue x x. David,treasured memories of our Son who passed away after much suffering. Will be sadly missed by broken hearted Mum and Dad, Ruby and Clive. David, no brother could have been better, and our time together cut sadly short by your illness. I will never forget the great memories we made and the happiness you brought to all our lives. Your bro, Peter, Debbie, Kayley, Natasha and Michael who is like another brother to us both. David, died September 20th, you fought so hard to stay with us, you were very brave, rest in peace. Love from Auntie Margery. DAVID CAMPLING

Published: Oct 6, 2021


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