After lockdown, why do so many people not realise that non essential goods might actually be non essential?

The PM’s speech on Sunday night left everyone a bit befuddled. Luckily we all stayed alert and pointed out the bits he and his Government didn’t appear to have considered...

Helen McDermott is not a fan of the new BBC drama, Normal People, from the acclaimed novel by Sally Rooney. Young love, she says, was actually quite horrible!

Rachel Moore says our priorities are likely to change for good, just as they did in 1945. Do you agree?

Andy Newman says wine o’clock is the highlight of his day. This week he raised a lockdown ‘cheers’ to our newest award winning Norfolk vineyard

David Parfrey, executive chair of Anglia Innovation Partnership shares news from Norwich Research Park and thoughts on lessons learned from the coronavirus pandemic

All the talk about a back to work plan is understandable. But are we not jumping the gun a little bit?

It’s human nature to try to look for the positives. Christine Webber sees several: including that Covid-19 might finally start to break down taboos around weight and obesity

Are you on your own during the current lockdown? Brigid Hayward, founder of Catalyst Matchmaking, has spent many years delving into the psyches of single people, and here she shares her top tips on how to make the most of lockdown.

Rachel Moore says it’s time to stop beating ourselves up and thinking everyone else is doing it better than we are

The Government may well have questions to answer about their handling of the coronavirus crisis but can we let them get on with fixing it first?

Christine Webber says many of her friends are thinking of completely overhauling their lives after lockdown. Although this phase of our lives has been very challenging, perhaps there is a chance to turn it into something truly radical?

James Marston is as worried about coronavirus as the next person, but it isn’t the only threat that keeps him awake at night

Lockdown isn’t easy for anyone. But we have to try to see the positives where we can - and, for any parent working from home, this could be one...

Osteopath James Harvey is owner of Woolpit Osteopaths, Suffolk, as well as co-owner of Earlham House Clinic in Norwich with his sister, Liz Connors. To adapt to our new ‘COVID-19 lives’, they have had to stop face-to-face appointments. However, the clinic has found new ways to reach people through online osteopathic and clinical pilates consultations, advice and bespoke exercise plans as well as online workspace assessments to help the growing number of people working from home. Here, he talks to Gina Long.

James Marston finds small consolations are keeping him going through the coronavirus pandemic

Liz Nice has never been Boris Johnson’s biggest fan. But, over coronavirus, she sees signs that, this time, he might just be on the right track...

Nothing stops the pub quiz. How will you do this week?

EEEGR conference and exhibition will now be held in September, organisers say

James Marston says there is only one way to deal with coronavirus and most people are doing it...

Everyone is worrying about what to do next but we still have this one power, says Liz Nice

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