Is it the players? The manager? Liz's dad? What do you think?

Sink Ya Teeth, Norwich's queens of dark disco, are already winning plaudits for with their second album, the imaginatively titled 'Two', released on February 28. Ahead of their hometown gig at the Arts Centre on February 29 and a trip to Ipswich's Smokehouse on March 27 Steve Anglesey asked Maria Uzor and Gemma Cullingford to choose their favourite twos...

Though not the film's ending, obviously! Flora Baker and her friend Kim took to the roads of Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and Labrador in Canada for a trip of a lifetime

Will you do batter than last week?

The heartbreaking loss of Norfolk's most sparkling daughter prompted a lot of conversations among families at the weekend. How we all wish she was still here to be part of them....

1917 is all very well but what does it say that's new, asks Liz Nice. The Joker, on the other hand, could be life changing for all of us if we take the point it is trying to make...

If this one thing guaranteed to wind up Helen, it's the word 'woke'. And don't get her started on the word 'diet' either!

Seventy-five years ago, a small band of commandos sprinkled with East Anglians fought and won one of the bravest battles of the Second World War. Steve Snelling recounts a triumph against the odds which was crowned by the last-ever Victoria Cross awarded to a member of the Royal Norfolk Regiment.

Been on a health kick? Peter Sharkey says if January is the time for your body, February is all about your cash...

Will you be remaining unhappy with your performance, or having a party?

We need to stop beating ourselves up in January. says Andy Newman, and be a bit less intolerant too!

Rachel Moore says enough is enough after travelling on the 'dirtiest, scruffiest, coldest' train of her life...

What a ridiculous idea, says Liz Nice. It's not sports banter that women have to worry about...

It's all too easy to get angry, blame someone and move on, says Liz Nice. But this is one time when it would actually be better to make the person who made the mistake be the one to put it right

Happy Burns Night! Will you be setting the world on fire with your quiz score?

James Marston's mother is rarely wrong. But there was a time, as reader, Mary, reminds him, when mothers who weren't considered 'the right sort' were vilified. Read her heartbreaking letter here...

A new trend on Twitter #tradwife, argues that women are much happier as housewives. Does this mean we all secretly want to be Cinderella? Liz Nice suggests not.

Encouraged by his friends, David Hastings MBE wrote to us to ask what were the criteria for being featured in our regular 'My East Anglian heaven and hell' feature and whether an 'old Norfolkman' would do. We replied that anyone from East Anglia can be in it - you just need to have had an interesting life! Frankly, that applies to all of us, but we thought David, 88, was particularly special. Here, he shares his East Anglian heaven and hell with Gina Long MBE

Will you be unmasked as the pub quiz genius? Or will you turn out to be far less successful than you and everyone else was hoping?

Whatever happens at the so-called Sandringham Summit, the whole Harry and Meghan episode is putting pressure on the concept of Royalty altogether, says Liz Nice

It's our first Friday pub quiz of the year. How will you do?

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