As The Full Monty comes to Norwich: 10 questions with Coronation Street star Andrew Dunn

The Full Monty

The Full Monty - Credit: Archant

Andrew Dunn is back in Norwich this week as part of the cast of The Full Monty, which runs at the Theatre Royal until Saturday (Oct 15). No stranger to the city, he has made two previous visits there as part of the Dinnerladies cast and one with a previous tour of The Full Monty, and he is delighted to be back.

The Full Monty

The Full Monty - Credit: Archant

Describe Norwich in three words

Historic, Enjoyable and Cool

If you were stranded with three people on a deserted island, who would you want them to be?

Bear Grylls for survival, Jamie Oliver for food and my wife Andrina Carroll because she's my best mate.

If you could be any other person who would it be?

A mixture of Prince, Gandhii, Muhammed Ali, Bill Gates, and any person who would give their all to helping others. I love their different attributes - peace maker, superb musician, wealthy charity helper and funny!

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How would you spend a perfect weekend in Norwich?

Friday night in a restaurant or bar. Saturday would be spent shopping and visiting historical sights during the day then I'd like to see a show at the theatre in the evening, ending up in a late night hostelry

Sunday would be spent sleeping and mooching around then a big roast dinner!

Would you rather spend a night in front of the telly or a night out on the town?

A night on the town followed by a night in front of the telly, recovering from the night on the town!

What's your mantra in life?

Smile, think positive, be nice to people

What's your biggest fear?

Small spaces – I'm claustrophobic

Which one thing could you never be without?

My happy memories

What song defines your life?

What a question!! Impossible to answer I'm afraid

What would you do if you won the lottery?

Well I wouldn't tell anyone for starters. Get would get what I needed without being ostentatious and help my family and friends out. Depending on how much I won, I would donate to charitable projects

The Full Monty is on at the Norwich Theatre Royal until Saturday - Get your last minute tickets here.

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