American fighter jets operation causing lots of noise above East Coast skies

An USAF F-15E Strike Eagle from RAF Lakenheath. Photo: Simon Parker.

An USAF F-15E Strike Eagle from RAF Lakenheath. Photo: Simon Parker. - Credit: Archant

American fighter jets have been causing a lot of noise in the skies above the East Coast this week.

Today is the last day of a four-day 'surge operation' taking place between the USAF and the British Army.

The USAF planes based at RAF Lakenheath in Suffolk are 'surging' in support of a British Army training exercise at the RAF Holbeach range in Norfolk.

The exercise has seen serviceman on the ground communicate with the jets circling at 20,000 feet, learning how to designate targets on the ground.

This week saw a surge in activity as both the 492nd and 494th Strike Eagle squadrons more than doubled their time in the sky in order to clock crucial training hours.

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RAF Lakenheath is home to the 48th Fighter Wing and three squadrons of the legendary F-15 jets.

Operations at RAF Lakenheath are forbidden from flying between the hours of 9pm and 7am.

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