7 reasons why Delia Smith should replace Mary Berry on the Great British Bake Off

The Norwich FC Chairman is on 14/1 odds to replace Mary Berry. Picture: Nick Butcher

The Norwich FC Chairman is on 14/1 odds to replace Mary Berry. Picture: Nick Butcher - Credit: Archant © 2011

We've all been feeling down and Sue since last week's announcement that Mary Berry, Mel Giedroyc and Ms Perkins would be leaving the bake off tent.

It was news that pushed the #Brangelina split to the back pages and left even the toughest amongst us weeping into our soggy bottoms.

But do not despair, as Norwich City majority shareholder and baking extraordinaire Delia Smith is currently on 14/1 odds to fill Berry's Per Una shoes.

Here's why the 75-year-old cook would be the best woman for the job...

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The UK's best selling cookery author

It goes without saying that the future co-host of Bake Off needs to know their Dampfnudels from their Drizzle Cakes. With more than 21 million copies sold of her cookery books, Delia certainly has the credentials to take over as host of the BAFTA award-winning show.

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She can be tough when she needs to be

Anyone who's seen Delia at a Norwich match knows she's one tough cookie and we can just imagine her saying 'let's be avin' you' before she tucks into a perfect showstopper.

She will, of course, insist on all cakes being decorated with yellow and green icing.

Where Norwich nurse Kate Barmby failed with her fluorescent blue mirror glaze decorated with swallows, the city owner will expect the colours of her beloved team to cover every bake and a canary on top would be a one-way ticket to star baker.

It would be revenge on Mary Berry

Mary Berry recently insulted Delia, when she said she would never do a cookbook for one on her BBC shows 'Foolproof Baking'. Many saw this as a dig at her contemporary, as 30 years ago Delia wrote the 'One is Fun' cookbook, which offered 'easy-to-prepare recipes specially devised for the single cook.' If she becomes Paul Hollywood's new best friend, it's bound to really take the biscuit.

She's a rocking baker

Did you know that Delia baked the cake that was on the cover of the 1969 Rolling Stones album 'Let it Bleed?'? The 6/1 favourite Nigella Lawson may work the camera, but her most rock star moment was turning down an OBE in 2001.

Her bakes are for the everyman

If you don't have a copy of 'Delia Smith's Christmas', then you've probably been living under a rock for the past 30 years. Delia's books have made cooking accessible to the masses for decades. She can certainly teach the bakers a thing or two.

The Delia Effect

The noun 'Delia' was included in the 2001 Collins Dictionary and the 'Delia Effect' is described as 'the way in which food products sell out much more quickly than usual when they are used on television food programmes.'

Her 1998 series 'Delia's How to Cook' led to 54 million more eggs being sold. The 2008 book 'How to Cheat at Cooking' led to sales of Aunt Bessies instant mash, tinned M&S lamb and the Kenwood mini chopper to go through the roof.

Could an appearance on Bake Off mark the return of the Delia phenomenon?

Although in 2013 Delia announced her retirement from television cookery programmes, the lure of a Channel 4 fee and Paul's crystal blue eyes could be just enough to tempt her into the tent...

Who should replace Mary Berry? Let us know in the comments.

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