‘What I saw was unbelievable’ - Jeremy Kyle on his visit to Norwich’s Prince of Wales Road

Jeremy Kyle recently filmed a documentary on Prince of Wales Road Norwich last year named the 4th mo

Jeremy Kyle recently filmed a documentary on Prince of Wales Road Norwich last year named the 4th most dangerous drinking spot in England. Picture Twitter/ChrisFloyd - Credit: Archant

Television presenter Jeremy Kyle spent his Saturday night filming on Norwich's Prince of Wales Road as part of his documentary series 'The Kyle Files'.

The 51-year-old spent the night exploring Norwich's nightclub hub where he chatted with staff from the East of England Ambulance Service, the SOS bus and visited the city's most famous club - Mercy.

Mr Kyle said of his visit to Prince of Wales: 'I have to say the paramedics and the people behind the SOS bus and other emergency services were all amazing. But what they have to deal with at times is shameful.

'I saw people being arrested for violence, people collapsed in their own vomit and for a time it was pretty chaotic down there. I never would have thought a night out in Norwich could be so raucous, or turn so sour for some.'

'The Kyle Files' first aired in 2015 and in it Kyle investigates high-profile issues that impact on people's lives. Previous subjects have included binge drinking in Magaluf, gun crime and drug abuse.

Last year Norwich was named as the fourth most dangerous drinking spot in England due to the number of drinkers seeking hospital treatment after a night out. An ITV source said that Kyle wanted see for himself how much truth was behind the Prince of Wales Road headlines.

Mr Kyle added: 'I've got some good friends in Norwich and I've always been amazed by just how nice and gentle and beautiful the city is.

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'But it's fair to say that Saturday night down the Prince of Wales Road was my first, probably my last too – some of what I saw down there was unbelievable!'

Inspector Ed Brown of the Norfolk Constabulary's licensing team said of Mr Kyle's visit to the city: 'The story of Jeremy Kyle's show is going to be that Norwich is dangerous and out of control and nothing could be further from the truth.

'What he would have seen in Norwich on Saturday night happens week in, week out in towns and cities across the country, it is not unique to Norwich.

'What is unique to Norwich is what we are doing, along with other emergency services and partners, to combat it and I hope that is what the show portrays.'

It is not the first time Price of Wales Road has been the subject of a documentary. In 2015 it appeared in the Channel 5 programme 'Norwich After Dark' which shined a light on the binge drinking culture in the city and in 2013 Prince of Wales Road taxi firm Courtesy Taxis was the main the focal point of 'Up All Night: The Minicab Office' on Channel 4.

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