Video: Sheringham bakery worker packs in his job to become a full-time Captain Jack Sparrow lookalike

A bakery worker has swapped his delivery van for a pirate ship and a life on the high seas – as Captain Jack Sparrow.

Matt Price, 39, has left his job with a bread shop to become a full-time Disney pirate impersonator – complete with eye-liner, cutlass and the voice of the Pirates of the Caribbean films' leading character, played by Johnny Depp.

For Mr Price, a former Sheringham Lifeboat crew member, it takes more than three hours to transform into the iconic character.

Mr Price, who lives in Sheringham with his wife, Kim, 31, and their three chihuahuas, said his new business had gone from strength to strength since he first donned the costume six months ago.

He said: 'It all came out of the blue. I was sitting at home one day and started doing Jack Sparrow's voice, and my wife said 'hold on, do that again'.

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'I dressed up as a pirate for an event and people recognised me as Jack Sparrow so I decided I had to buy the costume.

'It was never planned but now it has just gone mad. I have bookings here, there and everywhere.'

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After Mr Price's first pirate outing, he bought an exact replica costume from Disney and now performs at a range of events, with bookings already made for Christmas.

He said: 'If someone told me a year ago I was going to be Jack Sparrow I would never have believed them.

'It has been a real change, from delivering bread to dressing up as a pirate. When I am in costume I am just Matt underneath but when I have a break, people want their photos taken and I often forget I am in character.'

As the booking for children's parties and charity events began to build up, Mr Price was offered a full-time job in Hunstanton at Merlin Entertainments which he will take up in July.

He said: 'Entertaining other people's children is great because you can hand them back at the end of the day.'

Originally from Thetford, Mr Price moved to Sheringham 11 years ago for a slower pace of life, but with a new Pirates of the Caribbean film due to be released in 2016, he is ready to be busier than ever.

And while Mr Price has made a career from dressing up, he also helps charities including Merlin's Magic Wands which arranges days out for seriously-ill, disabled and disadvantaged children.

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