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Online pharmacy e-Surgery was created by Thuria Wenbar and Oskar Wendowski, a doctor and pharmacist respectively, when they encountered prescription systems they believed were outdated. The latest in The Disruptors series, they explain how they did it.

Many people let their properties via platforms like Airbnb without proper insurance. Louise Birritteri, founder and chief executive at Pikl, explains how she got the insurance industry to move with the times.

Right now, cutting-edge driver safety technology is prohibitively expensive – but a Cambridge startup is working to make it accessible to everybody. In the latest in The Disruptors series, Hao Zheng, co-founder and chief executive at RoboK, explains all.

Those with complex healthcare needs are used to taking multiple pills every day. But what if you could combine these drugs into a bespoke 3D printed alternative? In the latest The Disruptors video, Sheng Qi explains how her team at the University of East Anglia is working towards the solution.

Founded in 2013, KisanHub is smoothing communication between every aspect of the food supply chain. The latest in The Disruptors video series, co-founder and COO Giles Barker explains how it has modernised the agricultural industry.

It takes unique determination to launch a business while studying for a degree. But for Coral Eyewear’s George Bailey, distress over plastic pollution in our oceans was a catalyst for change.

Faced with the huge task of modernising a newspaper archive, chatbot builder ubisend had to teach robots how to read the news – and sound like humans. The latest in The Disruptors series, chief technology officer Joe Dixon explains how they did it.

AI chatbots are revolutionising customer service, with an easy solution that bypasses pesky out-of-hours hotlines. The latest in The Disruptors series, Dean Withey, CEO of chatbot builder Ubisend, tells us more.

“Everything we do [is about] challenging norms,” says Russell Carr, head of design at Lotus — and the electric hypercar Evija sums up that philosophy.

But does it sound like a Lotus? The latest in The Disruptors video series, meet the man whose job it is to know.

In a new video, Matt Windle, executive director of sports car engineering at Lotus, discusses what it takes to keep the automotive industry on its toes.

The secret to designing the perfect Olympic track bike? “Pushing regulations to the limit,” says Richard Hill, the Lotus engineer hoping to help Team GB clinch cycling gold this summer.

From the Formula 1 Type 49 to the new Evija electric hypercar, Lotus’ design director reflects on the brand’s innovation legacy in the latest video in The Disruptors series.

Could measuring stable carbohydrates instead of proteins during health tests will improve the future of diagnostics? Iceni Diagnostics thinks so. The latest in The Disruptors video series, co-founder and CEO Rob Field explains how they turned an academic venture into a disruptive start-up.

When Equipmake’s Ian Foley spotted a chance to future-proof his company, he grabbed it with both hands. The latest in The Disruptors video series, he explains how a change of direction was key to the electric vehicle systems start-up’s success.

We make unique and innovative cycling tools. Our first product, Rehook, is the original tool to get your chain back on your bike.

Professor David Russell’s research into fingerprinting led to a market breakthrough – and the launch of a significant drugs test challenger. In the latest installment in The Disruptors video series, he explains how he did it.

Panel Graphic’s Steve Earl admits that building his own plastic coating factory 21 years ago was “a gamble” – but one that paid off. The latest in The Disruptors video series, the man who makes displays for Porsche, BAE Systems and McLaren explains how he did it.

Hingham-based Mirus is shaking up airline interiors with sleek, high performance seating for clients like TUI and AirAsia. The latest in The Disruptors video series, head of engineering Peter Drake shows us around.

Using machine learning to comb through data, Inawisdom helps its customers to stand out in their markets. The latest in The Disruptors video series, CEO Neil Miles explains how they did it.

It’s a big task – mapping and organising the genomics diversity of the world – but for Sumit Jamuar, chairman and CEO of Global Gene Corp, the challenge is worth it. In the latest installment of The Disruptors video series, he tells us more.

Frustrating delivery options can cause customers to abandon online orders, leading to loss for e-commerce retailers. As part of The Disruptors video series, Chris Jordan, co-founder of delivery start-up Carryr, explains how its personalised delivery and returns service is helping the high street to tackle the issue.

Founded after a ground-breaking medical research project, digital health start-up Congenica is on a mission to reduce diagnosis waiting times for patients with genetic disorders. Now an exclusive supplier for the UK’s national genomic healthcare service, co-founder Dr Nick Lench tells us how they got here.

Using a new technology to add gene sequences to leaf proteins, Leaf Expressions is speeding up the manufacture of therapeutic drugs. For the latest installment in The Disruptors video series, chief executive Simon Saxby explains how the Norwich start-up is changing practice.

It’s common for brands to rely on personal opinion, rather than data, to identify successful brand design. For the latest installment in The Disruptors video series, Aitrak co-founder and chief executive David Bailey explains how they’re changing that.

What to do with the abundance of eggs that don’t make it onto supermarket shelves? For the latest installment in The Disruptors video series, Matthew Havers of PECK Drinks explains his cracking idea.

Lone workers represent over 20% of the UK workforce - but working alone increases their safety risk. The latest in The Disruptors video series, CEO Callum Coombes explains how Safepoint is helping businesses to keep their solo workforce safe.

Sourcing skilled workers at short notice is a consistent challenge for industrial businesses. The latest in The Disruptors series, Pickr founder Kane Halsey explains how its platform is streamlining that process.

For the latest installment in The Disruptors video series, Spark founder and CEO Justin Ott explains how its AI software is revolutionising journey prediction systems to improve driver trust in electric vehicles.

The latest in The Disruptors video series, we’re looking at Biotech startup Mogrify, which wants to become a world-leader in its field. This year it raised $3.7 million in seed funding - CEO Dr Darrin Disley OBE explains what’s next.

The latest in The Disruptors video series, we hear from CEO Sarah Mintey about how EdTech company Developing Experts is redefining how science can be taught in schools.

Cambridge start-up VividQ hopes to bring the realistic 3D holograms seen in films like Star Wars into your homes, cars and smart glasses. VividQ CEO and co-founder Darran Milne tells us more.

Suffolk-based Chorus builds software to help law enforcement connect data used in criminal investigations – 80pc of the UK’s police force is now using it. We spoke to Chorus founder and CEO Boyd Mulvey about what it takes to shake up the market.

Bridging the gap between the physical and digital world, Thyngs is the perfect business to kick off The Disruptors – a series of 40 videos highlighting businesses from Norfolk, Suffolk and Cambridge which are changing the way business is done. Here we speak to CEO Neil Garner about what it takes to be a disruptor.

Bosses in the East of England who are turning the hierarchy on its head have shared how they are shaking up their industries.

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