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This reader believes the Broadland Northway, aka the NDR, has turned out to be a “white elephant”.

While some will see “London in 90” as a positive, the question is will it improve reliability?

Not everyone bade a tearful farewell to the Tornados which finally left Marham for good on Thursday.

In the great Brexit debate, there is one thing which almost everyone agrees – they want Brexit to stop dominating the news and our politics

Is the economic development which Bill Borrett wants to encourage with a Norwich Western Link really so desirable?

One reader says that something should be done about dangerous icy conditions in their town.

One reader has expressed frustration after reading about Norfolk County Council’s spending plans.

One reader says that the way we use livestock needs a rethink. Do you agree?

A recent letter, on the subject of roundabout problems on the “Northern Broadway”, added that a lot of drivers using it need to be reminded that “it isn’t a racetrack”.

Once again the War Horse has surfaced but aurely a permanent home can be found for this beautifully-created statue.

As someone who spent nearly all of my childhood years living in the close vicinity of Little Switzerland, I was naturally interested in Luke Powell’s recent article.

My daughter recently spent some time over the Christmas holiday working at a local refuge offering overnight accommodation to the homeless.

The Regal Experience Group at Wymondham were saddened to learn of the death of the wonderful Dame June Whitfield.

One reader says they found security measures at a recent NCFC match excessive. What do you think?

I have been a hunt follower for over 50 years. I feel it is very important that the anti-hunt protesters on Boxing Day have as much right to have their say as the followers of the hounds. Although a complete irritation to the followers of hunting within the law, the protesters in Bungay were open in their identity and willing to have their names known. This is as it should be. 
However, some followers of hounds suffer from violent, cruel and often masked protesters.

Thanks for reporting on the strange proceedings held at Broadland District Council in regard to the Local Development Order (LDO) and related planning issues.

The Broadland Northway, formerly known as Norwich’s Northern Distributor Road (NDR), has got another one of our readers riled.

I read in disbelief about the potential five-year delay in road improvements to the Acle Straight due to a five-year study required by Highways England to see if the five millimetre diameter “Whirlpool Ramshorn Snail” has settled in its new home.

Having been to the Thursford Show again this year — it is the greatest entertainment I’ve seen, even worldwide.

May I enquire which circus performer is currently in charge of our County Court system? I can only assume it’s the clown and not the juggler!

The Northern Distribution Road, officially known as Broadland Northway, was completed in March this year. The road’s safety and practicality has been the subject of much debate for our readers – both while it was being worked on and after it was finished. Here are some of your best reader letters on the topic.

One reader contests our editor’s pick of Norfolk’s top ten towns and cities. What do you think?

This reader would like to see the roundabouts on Norwich’s NDR illuminated for safety reasons.

The Gentleman Motorcyclist blog is a collection of ramblings from the perspective of a wealthy male stuck somewhere between 1920 and 1950, trying to fit in with and make sense of the modern world - and failing miserably due to having different old fashioned ethics. Here’s what he had to say about Norwich’s Northern Distributor Road.

One reader thinks the criticism of Clive Lewis is disproportionate. What do you think?

So once again the police are targeting drivers who they consider do not give cyclists adequate safe room when passing them (November 20).

Reading the article: “Should Norwich become car-free? Campaign launched by man living with lung condition”, I thought another contribution might be useful. As with Matt White, I too have a lung condition susceptible to bad air pollution: COPD.

One reader is concerned about the welfare of patients if NHS staff can’t speak English fluently. What do you think?

For many years, I was a governor and deputy chair of a children’s centre and nursery school in one of the most deprived wards in England — in Norwich.

One reader thinks the plans for housing development in Norfolk could change the county forever. What do you think?

One reader thinks they know how to improve the infamous NDR roundabouts - what do you think?

Reading Rachel Moore’s latest tirade (October 18) and then looking at the title of her piece, “Talking Sense”, has left me scratching my head.

One reader says they are distressed to see the homeless treated as if they were invisible. What do you think?

One reader suggests cyclists make better drivers. Do you agree?

One reader thinks the police response to people who use their mobile phones while driving is not tough enough. Do you agree?

One reader reflects on an incident last week in which a man who is understood to have been attempting to steal a bike was apprehended. Do you agree with their thoughts?

I find it rather odd to see that ladies like Mrs Beckham are continually shown wearing these atrocious high heels, when in the real world, ladies are suffering daily from deformed feet, as a result of wearing this type of footwear, since the government are continually reducing the places that ladies can get orthopaedic treatment for their feet.

As a member of the newly-formed CANT (Campaign Against the New Town), I wish to widen the argument from the geographical and political perspectives.

One reader thinks 1940s themed events are in bad taste. What do you think?

One reader is fed up of scam calls and thinks action is needed. Do you agree?

I read in the press and saw on television that the Winter Gardens in Great Yarmouth may be having a “make–over” if a grant can be obtained.

Re Rachel’s Moore article (EDP, September 6) I hate to tell you this but I am fitter than lots of skinny people out there.

One reader thinks that a second referendum is in order. What you think?

One reader says that Watton Town Council’s actions have caused distress. What do you think?

One reader thinks that the council’s continued spending on the NDR (Broadland Northway) could result in the public paying the price. What do you think?

One reader thinks Stoke’s differences to Norwich should be celebrated. What do you think?

In response to the letter from Colin Thomas, (August 21). Roarr! Dinosaur Adventure’s admission prices reflects the extensive attractions within the park, and with use of the on-line ticket offers, five guests could pay just £70 admission, representing £14 per person as compared to the on the gate price.

I’m sure, like many of your readers, I’ve not been able to understand how County Highways can claim the NDR roundabouts are designed correctly and yet driving round them they seem quite dangerous.

One reader thinks that family days out are becoming beyond the means of many households. What do you think?

One reader thinks that the prices of some Norfolk attractions are too steep. What do you think?

In the few months since the NDR opened I have seen many near accidents and the aftermath of several actual accidents on the roundabouts.

I must say that I was very sad to hear of the proposed replacement for the Splash in Sheringham by the council. I’m not sure the council fully appreciates what draws visitors to the centre in the first place.

One reader thinks license fees should be made subscription based. What do you think?

One reader believes that mobile phones are bad for people. What do you think?

One reader thinks the integrity of democracy can be compromised by manipulation. What do you think?

One reader thinks parents have a responsibility to say no when children want to spend their time on technology. What do you think?

One reader says opposition to more housing developments isn’t due to Not In My Back Yard mentality but a desire to preserve a way of life. What do you think?

Re roundabouts on the NDR. Some of the roundabouts, especially the roundabout with turn-offs to Sprowston and Wroxham are a serious accident waiting to happen.

One reader thinks that they were misled about the advantages of having a smart meter. What do you think?

One reader thinks the gulf between rich and poor is inexcusable. What do you think?

One reader thinks plans to build a new town in Norfolk haven’t been thought through. What do you think?

One reader has written in to say that the WI is still an active group in Norfolk.

One reader thinks the county council should use their own land for the proposed garden town in mid-Norfolk. What do you think?

One reader thinks that cyclists are receiving priority when it comes to road safety. What do you think?

One reader from the Green Party thinks negative reactions to the idea of a small tourist tax are misplaced. What do you think?

One reader thinks more planning is needed to prepare for long hot summers. What do you think?

One reader thinks that the leaders of Brexit have failed to deliver the will of the people. What do you think?

In the wake of Norfolk Day may I ask who decided that Norfolk is “Nelson’s County” — and whether there are more appropriate alternatives?

One reader thinks plans for new town spell disaster for the county. What do you think?

One reader says they’re concerned about the welfare of snails in races. What do you think?

One reader thinks the government should be challenged over Norfolk development. What do you think?

One reader is perturbed about a reported drop in intelligence. What do you think?

One reader thinks elderly drivers should have to retake tests to avoid further incidents. What do you think?

One reader thinks an aggressive approach is required to stop overdevelopment. What do you think?

One reader thinks action on the problem of bed blocking needs to be taken now. What do you think?

One reader thinks circumstances have complicated since the original vote. What do you think?

One reader thinks that the layout of the NDR junction itself is unsafe. What do you think?

One reader thinks the football can do without musical accompaniment. Do you agree?

One reader thinks that Lionel Richie could have given the crowd more time. What do you think?

One reader writes of their experience with the Norfolk and Norwich Hospital. What have your experiences been like?

One reader thinks that the local hospital may have received an unfair inspection rating. What do you think?

One reader thinks a few people are giving tenants in general a bad name.

One reader thinks that the council allowing a gambling shop to open on the high street is a big mistake. What do you think?

One reader disagrees with reports of the Norwich memorial being in a bad way. What do you think?

One reader has some advice for a local MP. Do you agree?

One reader thinks it’s a shame when people lose their Norfolk accent. What do you think?

One reader says the UK education system is failing children. Do you agree?

One reader says local media is something to be proud of. Do you agree?

One reader is angry about the tendency to celebrate bomber planes. What do you think?

One reader has some suggestions for these upcoming Norwich traffic schemes. What do you think?

One reader believes local programmes would benefit from a shake-up. What do you think?

One reader believes police officers should be allowed to use force when necessary. What do you think?

One reader believes Team England shouldn’t even be participating in the 2018 World Cup. What do you think?

One reader is curious as to why all hurricanes are named after women. What do you think?

One reader believes there has been a breakthrough in cancer treatment that oncologists are hiding from their patients. What do you think?

One reader has some useful advice for mothers suffering with postnatal depression. Do you have anymore tips to add?

One reader is concerned that all the planned extra housing will only add more pressures to our region. What do you think?

One reader is baffled as to why she can get a free food waste bin, but cannot have her blue bin replaced for free. What do you think?

Twenty five more dwellings in the settlement of Yaxham have been allowed after an appeal decision on May 14 by the Planning Inspectorate.

One reader thinks we should stop importing European cars to the UK. Do you agree?

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