Reader Letters

This reader from Norwich is concerned the city centre could become a “historic visitor centre” as other parts of the county flourish.

Do you remember Marcus, Norwich’s lone Big Issue seller from years ago?

This reader has asked the question: Why do the people of Norwich not buy The Big Issue?

This reader argues the Norwich Distributor Road (NDR) has not solved any of Norfolk’s traffic problems.

This reader thinks the council needs more people working on a traffic island in Norwich to get the job done quicker.

What are your thoughts on the new Primark store in Norwich? One of our readers can’t help but notice the positive impact it must be having on the city centre.

This reader thinks speed cameras across Norfolk should be turned off.

A reader has written in to express their gratitude to a man who was injured standing up to homophobic abuse.

The recent letter by Ann English (December 20) raised the very sensitive issue of population on planet Earth.

Is there a place for dogs in pubs? One of our readers doesn’t seem to think so.

This reader is missing the “bustle” of traffic in Norwich city centre.

Upon reading the news about the NDR in the press (November 5) I found I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

Private parking company National Parking Enforcement (NPE) continues to rile the people of Norfolk and Waveney.

This reader plans to boycott Sandringham after hearing about its car park charge.

Aston Villa fan Prince William was at Carrow Road at the weekend with his family but this reader has questioned whether the Royals should have been allowed in the ‘Home Fans Only’ stand.

This reader thinks teenage activist Greta Thunberg and all the “climate change fanatics” need a reality check.

Having just read another reader letter regarding the “stupid idea” of putting traffic lights on the Barton Mills Fiveways roundabout further comment is required, writes one of our readers.

Despite the desire of grown men and women trying to pretend they are still teenagers, dressed in stupid costumes and piloting ridiculous carts, this annual event has become a local embarrassment and annoyance for many residents.

I think it is time it was made law that all dogs are kept on leads in public places.

Norfolk County Council has spent thousands of pounds and caused a great deal of disruption for local residents by creating a series of so-called “pedestrian priority” junctions along Earlham Road, including junctions at Recreation Road, College Road, Caernarvon Road, Edinburgh Road and others.

This reader has likened the ongoing Brexit battle to the redevelopment of Anglia Square in Norwich.

I am writing about football’s gambling shame.

This reader from Brancaster Staithe claims over-tourism has arrived on the Norfolk coast and a solution desperately needs to be found.

There seems little prospect of an end to the fevered speculation about the mooted western end to the “road to nowhere” aka the Broadland Northway or NDR as it is best known.

As someone who from the late 50s to nearly the year 2000 had to walk down Prince of Wales Road at 7am or earlier to get to the other side of the river to work it saddens me to read the state we have allowed the road to get into.

This reader thinks it is the right decision to ban traditional lorries from this year’s Lord Mayor’s procession in Norwich.

This reader is not happy every June when the Royal Norfolk Show comes around.

In the light of a personal encounter with Mr Johnson I should like to appeal to local members of the Tory party, who will shortly be voting for their party leader.

Although I do not come in the category of getting a free TV licence just yet, I must admit to being rather surprised when I received via email a statement saying that from next year, this benefit to the elderly would stop.

A reader has written in to give their opinion of a Framingham Pigot pub after our reviewer said ‘Gordon Ramsay would have a field day’.

This reader says before 5G is introduced everyone first needs access to 3G.

A reader has written in to give their perspective on our columnist’s comments on protesting Nigel Farage.

One reader has written in to point out the usefulness of the Northern Distributor Road (NDR).

One reader says animals cannot always be avoided while driving. Do you agree?

One reader says teachers should lead the way in combating difficult behaviour from students. Do you agree?

This reader thinks some things need to improve when it comes to life in Norwich.

This reader believes the Broadland Northway, aka the NDR, has turned out to be a “white elephant”.

While some will see “London in 90” as a positive, the question is will it improve reliability?

Not everyone bade a tearful farewell to the Tornados which finally left Marham for good on Thursday.

In the great Brexit debate, there is one thing which almost everyone agrees – they want Brexit to stop dominating the news and our politics

Is the economic development which Bill Borrett wants to encourage with a Norwich Western Link really so desirable?

One reader says that something should be done about dangerous icy conditions in their town.

One reader has expressed frustration after reading about Norfolk County Council’s spending plans.

One reader says that the way we use livestock needs a rethink. Do you agree?

A recent letter, on the subject of roundabout problems on the “Northern Broadway”, added that a lot of drivers using it need to be reminded that “it isn’t a racetrack”.

Once again the War Horse has surfaced but aurely a permanent home can be found for this beautifully-created statue.

As someone who spent nearly all of my childhood years living in the close vicinity of Little Switzerland, I was naturally interested in Luke Powell’s recent article.

My daughter recently spent some time over the Christmas holiday working at a local refuge offering overnight accommodation to the homeless.

The Regal Experience Group at Wymondham were saddened to learn of the death of the wonderful Dame June Whitfield.

One reader says they found security measures at a recent NCFC match excessive. What do you think?

I have been a hunt follower for over 50 years. I feel it is very important that the anti-hunt protesters on Boxing Day have as much right to have their say as the followers of the hounds. Although a complete irritation to the followers of hunting within the law, the protesters in Bungay were open in their identity and willing to have their names known. This is as it should be. 
However, some followers of hounds suffer from violent, cruel and often masked protesters.

Thanks for reporting on the strange proceedings held at Broadland District Council in regard to the Local Development Order (LDO) and related planning issues.

The Broadland Northway, formerly known as Norwich’s Northern Distributor Road (NDR), has got another one of our readers riled.

I read in disbelief about the potential five-year delay in road improvements to the Acle Straight due to a five-year study required by Highways England to see if the five millimetre diameter “Whirlpool Ramshorn Snail” has settled in its new home.

Having been to the Thursford Show again this year — it is the greatest entertainment I’ve seen, even worldwide.

May I enquire which circus performer is currently in charge of our County Court system? I can only assume it’s the clown and not the juggler!

The Northern Distribution Road, officially known as Broadland Northway, was completed in March this year. The road’s safety and practicality has been the subject of much debate for our readers – both while it was being worked on and after it was finished. Here are some of your best reader letters on the topic.

One reader contests our editor’s pick of Norfolk’s top ten towns and cities. What do you think?

This reader would like to see the roundabouts on Norwich’s NDR illuminated for safety reasons.

The Gentleman Motorcyclist blog is a collection of ramblings from the perspective of a wealthy male stuck somewhere between 1920 and 1950, trying to fit in with and make sense of the modern world - and failing miserably due to having different old fashioned ethics. Here’s what he had to say about Norwich’s Northern Distributor Road.

One reader thinks the criticism of Clive Lewis is disproportionate. What do you think?

So once again the police are targeting drivers who they consider do not give cyclists adequate safe room when passing them (November 20).

Reading the article: “Should Norwich become car-free? Campaign launched by man living with lung condition”, I thought another contribution might be useful. As with Matt White, I too have a lung condition susceptible to bad air pollution: COPD.

One reader is concerned about the welfare of patients if NHS staff can’t speak English fluently. What do you think?

For many years, I was a governor and deputy chair of a children’s centre and nursery school in one of the most deprived wards in England — in Norwich.

One reader thinks the plans for housing development in Norfolk could change the county forever. What do you think?

One reader thinks they know how to improve the infamous NDR roundabouts - what do you think?

Reading Rachel Moore’s latest tirade (October 18) and then looking at the title of her piece, “Talking Sense”, has left me scratching my head.

One reader says they are distressed to see the homeless treated as if they were invisible. What do you think?

One reader suggests cyclists make better drivers. Do you agree?

One reader thinks the police response to people who use their mobile phones while driving is not tough enough. Do you agree?

One reader reflects on an incident last week in which a man who is understood to have been attempting to steal a bike was apprehended. Do you agree with their thoughts?

I find it rather odd to see that ladies like Mrs Beckham are continually shown wearing these atrocious high heels, when in the real world, ladies are suffering daily from deformed feet, as a result of wearing this type of footwear, since the government are continually reducing the places that ladies can get orthopaedic treatment for their feet.

As a member of the newly-formed CANT (Campaign Against the New Town), I wish to widen the argument from the geographical and political perspectives.

One reader thinks 1940s themed events are in bad taste. What do you think?

One reader is fed up of scam calls and thinks action is needed. Do you agree?

I read in the press and saw on television that the Winter Gardens in Great Yarmouth may be having a “make–over” if a grant can be obtained.

Re Rachel’s Moore article (EDP, September 6) I hate to tell you this but I am fitter than lots of skinny people out there.

One reader thinks that a second referendum is in order. What you think?

One reader says that Watton Town Council’s actions have caused distress. What do you think?

One reader thinks that the council’s continued spending on the NDR (Broadland Northway) could result in the public paying the price. What do you think?

One reader thinks Stoke’s differences to Norwich should be celebrated. What do you think?

In response to the letter from Colin Thomas, (August 21). Roarr! Dinosaur Adventure’s admission prices reflects the extensive attractions within the park, and with use of the on-line ticket offers, five guests could pay just £70 admission, representing £14 per person as compared to the on the gate price.

I’m sure, like many of your readers, I’ve not been able to understand how County Highways can claim the NDR roundabouts are designed correctly and yet driving round them they seem quite dangerous.

One reader thinks that family days out are becoming beyond the means of many households. What do you think?

One reader thinks that the prices of some Norfolk attractions are too steep. What do you think?

In the few months since the NDR opened I have seen many near accidents and the aftermath of several actual accidents on the roundabouts.

I must say that I was very sad to hear of the proposed replacement for the Splash in Sheringham by the council. I’m not sure the council fully appreciates what draws visitors to the centre in the first place.

One reader thinks license fees should be made subscription based. What do you think?

One reader believes that mobile phones are bad for people. What do you think?

One reader thinks the integrity of democracy can be compromised by manipulation. What do you think?

One reader thinks parents have a responsibility to say no when children want to spend their time on technology. What do you think?

One reader says opposition to more housing developments isn’t due to Not In My Back Yard mentality but a desire to preserve a way of life. What do you think?

Re roundabouts on the NDR. Some of the roundabouts, especially the roundabout with turn-offs to Sprowston and Wroxham are a serious accident waiting to happen.

One reader thinks that they were misled about the advantages of having a smart meter. What do you think?

One reader thinks the gulf between rich and poor is inexcusable. What do you think?

One reader thinks plans to build a new town in Norfolk haven’t been thought through. What do you think?

One reader has written in to say that the WI is still an active group in Norfolk.

One reader thinks the county council should use their own land for the proposed garden town in mid-Norfolk. What do you think?

One reader thinks that cyclists are receiving priority when it comes to road safety. What do you think?

One reader from the Green Party thinks negative reactions to the idea of a small tourist tax are misplaced. What do you think?

One reader thinks more planning is needed to prepare for long hot summers. What do you think?

One reader thinks that the leaders of Brexit have failed to deliver the will of the people. What do you think?

In the wake of Norfolk Day may I ask who decided that Norfolk is “Nelson’s County” — and whether there are more appropriate alternatives?

One reader thinks plans for new town spell disaster for the county. What do you think?

One reader says they’re concerned about the welfare of snails in races. What do you think?

One reader thinks the government should be challenged over Norfolk development. What do you think?

One reader is perturbed about a reported drop in intelligence. What do you think?

One reader thinks elderly drivers should have to retake tests to avoid further incidents. What do you think?

One reader thinks an aggressive approach is required to stop overdevelopment. What do you think?

One reader thinks action on the problem of bed blocking needs to be taken now. What do you think?

One reader thinks circumstances have complicated since the original vote. What do you think?

One reader thinks that the layout of the NDR junction itself is unsafe. What do you think?

One reader thinks the football can do without musical accompaniment. Do you agree?

One reader thinks that Lionel Richie could have given the crowd more time. What do you think?

One reader writes of their experience with the Norfolk and Norwich Hospital. What have your experiences been like?

One reader thinks that the local hospital may have received an unfair inspection rating. What do you think?

One reader thinks a few people are giving tenants in general a bad name.

One reader thinks that the council allowing a gambling shop to open on the high street is a big mistake. What do you think?

One reader disagrees with reports of the Norwich memorial being in a bad way. What do you think?

One reader has some advice for a local MP. Do you agree?

One reader thinks it’s a shame when people lose their Norfolk accent. What do you think?

One reader says the UK education system is failing children. Do you agree?

One reader says local media is something to be proud of. Do you agree?

One reader is angry about the tendency to celebrate bomber planes. What do you think?

One reader has some suggestions for these upcoming Norwich traffic schemes. What do you think?

One reader believes local programmes would benefit from a shake-up. What do you think?

One reader believes police officers should be allowed to use force when necessary. What do you think?

One reader believes Team England shouldn’t even be participating in the 2018 World Cup. What do you think?

One reader is curious as to why all hurricanes are named after women. What do you think?

One reader believes there has been a breakthrough in cancer treatment that oncologists are hiding from their patients. What do you think?

One reader has some useful advice for mothers suffering with postnatal depression. Do you have anymore tips to add?

One reader is concerned that all the planned extra housing will only add more pressures to our region. What do you think?

One reader is baffled as to why she can get a free food waste bin, but cannot have her blue bin replaced for free. What do you think?

Twenty five more dwellings in the settlement of Yaxham have been allowed after an appeal decision on May 14 by the Planning Inspectorate.

One reader thinks we should stop importing European cars to the UK. Do you agree?

One reader thinks visitors to our county need special road signs to help them get around. Do you agree?

One reader believes more responsibility should be taken by contractors to fix potholes. What do you think?

One reader isn’t convinced that invisible microwaves are entirely safe to be around.

One reader is not surprised that banks have a so-called ‘bad reputation’.

Instead of spending all this money on cycle paths, when are we going to spend some on wheelchair paths?

One reader is annoyed that the older generation’s contributions to society are seemingly going unnoticed.

One reader disagrees with claims that only 10pc of cyclists use cycle paths and says they should not be forced to pay vehicle duty.

One reader shares their thoughts on the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital’s budget.

One reader is confused as to why pubs don’t display drink prices, but places like coffee shops and cafes do.

One reader thinks dualling the A11 has increased burglars, drug dealers, metal-stripping gangs and the amount of homeless people.

One reader believes Norwich’s pollution is being created by long-term roadworks.

One reader disagrees with all the negativity surrounding the Anglia Square proposals.

One reader has been left wondering why patients GPs’ were not alerted that they hadn’t been sent a mammogram invitation.

One reader thinks young people argue too much on sites like Facebook and Twitter - do you agree?

One reader thinks he has solved the Canaries’ problems. Do you like his idea?

One reader thinks the area of Hemsby needs more help.

One reader thinks their parking fine was unfair - do you agree?

One reader believes that keeping tobacco products in the ‘naughty’ cupboard hasn’t helped stop smokers.

One reader cannot understand why so much money has been spent on the Magdalen Street flyover in Norwich.

Victory Housing Trust have applied for permission to build 14 houses on land in School Close, Knapton.

I feel it my duty to point out my experiences of the NHS amidst all the adverse publicity of recent months.

One of our readers isn’t entirely sure the money needed to dual the A47 couldn’t be better spent elsewhere.

One reader is ashamed of the litter around our country. Do you agree?

One reader is worried about the fish in the higher floors of the proposed Anglia Square tower.

One reader wants action, not words, over the roads. Do you agree?

One reader doesn’t understand why they have to ‘always’ knock down the houses in Hemsby when there is coastal erosion.

One reader has thanked President Trump for ‘shining a beacon of hope for humanity’, do you agree?

One reader believes the proposed Anglia Square tower is just too tall - do you agree?

One reader believes graffiti should not be considered art, and punishments should be given for people who practice it.

One reader pays tribute to Norwich busker Jonny Walker, who sadly died earlier this year.

One reader thinks the EDP should be campaigning to improve the A140 instead.

One reader has five questions for the Norwich City FC board.

One reader believes the NDR should be named after an old railway line, not The Broadland Northway.

This reader is looking for people who attended a Sunday school in Norwich.

Do you agree with the Cllr that without more public transport, new residents will be forced to use the NDR instead?

One reader believes the proposed plan for the roads around Anglia Square create a conflict between cyclists, motorists and pedestrians.

To the leader of the Norfolk County Council, Mr Cliff Jordan.
Sir, can you please tell me where I, a 79-year-old pensioner, on behalf of many others likewise younger generations also struggling at this moment in time, are to find this extra council tax increase.
I would like to remind you to pay £186 D band per month from an old age pension of £100 plus per week you are taking one third of one’s salary.
We are not in the position like you councillors who self-reward pay rises each year, and vast salaries. It is Tory policy that the rich get richer and the poor have to struggle. The peers in Parliament get £300 per day to attend is an example.
I also have a question for Mr Lorne Green, police and crime commissioner, who cannot stop adding his police tax to the increase of council tax misery.

There seems to be much written about male and female pay gender, nearly always saying men are paid more than women for the same job. There are instances where this is patently not correct. I would like to give an example.
My wife (of nearly 60 years) and I have discussed what I would pay for her the usual division of labour, ie housework, etc, which she does 90pc of the work and I do 10pc.
I have reluctantly accepted that five pounds per hour is about right giving her £250 per week for 50 hours’ work.

Do you, like our reader, hope the new funds will help rough sleepers in the city?

Do you agree with Mr McMaster that these drivers should use the car parks?

Whatever our councillors and staff have decided to call the northern bypass, is immaterial.

It is absolutely shameful that the council has allowed the sale of the site off Hall Road including Norwich cattle market.

What do you think of Mr Hipperson’s idea to save money?

One reader thinks that the councils plans to charge people for dumping their DIY rubbish will only increase the number of flytipping incidents.

With regard to city pollution levels, the 20mph speed limits, with special new cameras to catch motorists seems biased.

One reader believes the council’s long document on the Greater Norwich Local Plan will only be read by a select few.

One reader is fed up with charities encouraging people to text to donate and would rather give money in other ways.

I listened with some amusement to the leader of the Tories on the county council having a good old moan on the wireless about the Tory MPs in Norfolk.

Imagine yourself as the chief executive of a major company on their way to visit the Norwich office.

A Norfolk man has written of his experience with mental ill health. Name and address supplied.

I’d like to say a big congratulations to the drivers of Norfolk who are using the new Northern Distributor Road.

Five weeks ago we had travellers arrive on the Postwick cycle path which goes from Oaks Lane to the park and ride.

As chair of the Independent Remuneration Panel that reviewed the allowances paid to Norfolk county councillors, I was pleased that journalists at the EDP continue to hold members to account.

Many of comedian Ken Dodd’s fans, myself included, have been saddened by his death at the age of 90.

Two recent letters to the EDP Agony Uncle have sought an answer to the question, as one expressed it: “How do we even being to comprehend the wickedness of people?”

T Fenning asks how many did not get the chance to vote on Brexit and whether or not people would still make the same decision.

I’d like to say that, after hearing all the somewhat venomous words directed towards Steven Downes, both my husband and I, our family and friends all totally agree with your extremely well balanced report on the problems of the homeless people in Norwich.

Motorists are being threatened with a £20 fine if they do not turn off their car engines in certain areas of the city.

I find it hard to believe that six years on Socially Conscious Capital (SCC) or Seriously Conniving Capitalists can be allowed to appeal yet again in their bid to destroy Thorpe Woods.

I grew up during the 1950s/60s and experienced some snowy winters, notably 1956, 1963 and 1966 and not once did I have to miss school or college due to closures.

Re “Quality of life in Norfolk”.

Re “Are those dishing out soup making Norwich’s homeless issue worse?”

One reader believes less important university subjects should be charged at a higher rate. Do you agree?

Wow! Looking at the map (EDP, February 22) showing the amount of land to be filled with housing at Long Stratton is incredible.

I read with interest the rather unflattering remarks (EN, February 14) about Jim Davidson.

I write to complain in the strongest possible manner regarding the diabolical traffic situation in Duke Street, Norwich daily between the hours of 4pm and 7pm.

This paper’s leader from February 10 laments the 20 year wait for something to happen to the Anglia Square area. I am sure we would all agree.

I would like to share with the readers how my visit to the centre of our fine city was ruined last week by a selfish individual.

Across Norfolk there needs to be a full, fair, balanced and detailed cross-party investigation of allowances paid to councillors.

Jeremy Hunt has recently described this winter as the worst ever for the NHS.

Norwich was once said to have a different pub for every day of the year. But as your paper has highlighted, through its “Love Your Local” campaign, if you don’t use pubs, you will lose them.

I agree wholeheartedly with the contents of Shaun Quinton’s Letter (February 6), regarding the debacle the work carried out to The Avenues.

Coming as it does from one who is clearly a people person, Sharon Griffiths’ “Why Wilkie the killer whale could soon be ruling the world” must cause concern.

One reader is rather fed up with educated people not using the Queen’s English on television.

Barnardo’s Operations Manager for Fostering in the region is asking if any readers are able to foster a vulnerable child.

One reader is wondering why the UN is not doing more to prevent catastrophes like genocide and nuclear war.

One reader believes the fantastic Nadia Sparkes is the “Trash Princess of Norwich”.

One reader believes he has just saved Norfolk County Council £350,000.

One reader has noticed how cyclists seem to prefer biking in the main road instead of using the cycle paths.

One reader believes that President Donald Trump has many supporters and others should overlook his more questionable actions.

One reader is frustrated with the council’s endless bad making decision making.

Emergency services at breaking point. Funding crisis. Barely a day passes without this newspaper together with the usual political suspects screaming from the front pages how our emergency services are stretched to breaking point.

Today’s youngsters spend hours just on their computers playing games, watching television or on their mobile phones.

One reader believes that continued police cuts will result in “unlawful arrests and miscarriages of justice”. Do you agree?

One reader was furious that he had to pay a £60 parking fine, all because the ticket machine experienced a printing error

One reader is angry that his postbox of 27 years is not being replaced.

One reader pays tribute to footballer and icon Cyrille Regis, who sadly died earlier this month.

One reader has a few suggestions of things that need to be improved before more houses can be built in Norfolk.

One reader has been collecting litter in order to highlight just how much of it we drop.

As a daily user living in Sprowston there is no doubt the NDR has already saved me hours of frustration and I look forward to the next stretch opening.

News that the number of people killed or seriously injured on Norfolk’s roads has risen slightly over the last 12 months is concerning but hardly surprising.

Your article on the affordable homes deficit in Norwich shows 1,000 homes lost in four years in the Norwich area.

One reader is confused as to why Norwich City FC never seem to have any money.

One reader offers some interesting diet advice for those suffering with ear problems.

One reader and UKIP member is taken aback by Farage’s second referendum announcement

One reader can’t help but admire the current Prime Minister.

One reader believes the public shouldn’t be fooled by Nigel’s calls for a second Brexit referendum.

Your previous correspondent is correct when pointing out the inadequate signage banning traffic from St Stephen’s Street, Castle Meadow, etc.

I am as sorry as the next man that Colmans and Britvic are leaving Norwich but there are issues which must be faced.

One reader shares some Army diary entries from his time spent on a Norfolk beach.

One reader gives advice on how to eat healthier after a diabetes scare.

One reader wants the RMT to declare pay rises achieved with that of rail fares increases since privatisation.

One reader is fed up with Norwich City Council and their consultants messing with the city’s traffic.

One reader is happy that the famous Whalebone Freehouse loos also include great accessible toilets.

One reader believes columnist Steve Downes was right to question Britain’s future with Brexit.

One hotel owner has concerns over how Airbnb is rarely subject to regular hospitality and tax regulations.

One reader is encouraging others to join the fight to save our NHS from the crisis it is currently facing.

One reader is fed up with cyclists not using their lights when riding in the dark.

11-year-old George is encouraging beach-goers to keep their dogs away from vulnerable seal pups.

One reader was shocked that residents of some flats in Norwich are being told they cannot register to vote.

One reader disagreed wholeheartedly with the comments made about Brexit by columnist Steven Downes.

One reader was ‘disgusted’ about how one lady was treated recently because her disability is not physically obvious.

In the EDP last week there was a picture of some German prisoners of war digging the snow away in 1947.

The exhibition Rembrandt: Lighting the Darkness at Norwich Castle is well worth a visit says one of our readers.

The A47 stretch between Acle and Great Yarmouth is a top priority says one of our readers.

One of our readers is not in favour of removing bushes and shrubs from around the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital in order to increase parking facilities.

One of our readers thinks Christmas just isn’t what it used to be anymore. Do you agree?

One of our readers wonders whether nature is changing before our eyes. What do you think?

One of our readers is working on a book about the history of the railway at Reedham and Berney Arms. Can you help her out?

Nothing raises my spirits more than the preservation of Norfolk’s physical character and protecting it from self-serving property developers.

One reader is encouraging others to give up something they find addictive, but that others might think is normal behaviour.

One reader believes a teacher was wrongly suspended after offending a transgender pupil.

One reader believes our local GPs don’t get enough credit.

I read with some interest the article on the pay of councillors.

One reader is still wondering what manufacturers and water companies are going to do about our beaches rubbish problem.

One reader believes everyone should accept Brexit and support our negotiators.

One reader had a lengthy visit to the Post Office last week.

I write to you to stress our association’s concern over the reports that Norfolk County Council is considering reducing the amount of subsidy it offers to maintain essential bus services.

I am writing in response to the request as to how I would be affected by the loss of my bus service.

One reader believes more support is needed to help our region’s most vulnerable people.

One reader is confused why we say “as the crow flies” as they don’t, in fact, fly in a straight line...

One reader hopes that a UK company will be overseeing the work on the proposed £98m Yare bridge, providing work for British people.

One reader believes that if a person is caught drunk driving, their employer should also be named.

Last week I was listening to a programme on Radio Four about the decline in the world’s second most important resource.

I object vehemently to Vattenfall’s plans to devastate the Norfolk coast line and swathes of our beautiful countryside by building the Norfolk Vanguard off shore windfarm and associated infrastructure.

We are now at the time of the year when all the pensioners in our country (including myself) will start receiving their annual £200 winter fuel payment followed later by a £10 Christmas gift.

The borough council of King’s Lynn and West Norfolk and its consultants are working on a new South Quay riverfront scheme in King’s Lynn, and have decided amongst themselves to call it Nelson Quay.

It is very disappointing that the Cards for Good Causes shop was not based in the Forum this year.

One reader believes the construction of new student accommodation is ruining the look of Norwich city centre.

Reader Christine Tyler is angry the government recently won a motion to exclude animal rights when the UK leaves the EU, thus she feels,reducing animals to no more than a sack of potatoes.

Am I alone in getting fed up with people expecting a new Brexit vote?

The housing crisis is a crisis that will not go away, and Theresa May herself now has promised action.

One reader is challenging others to do what he did on the Southern Bypass years ago...cycle the whole Northern Distributor Road before it opens.

With reference to the article (EDP, November 17) “Is this the end of the road for the roundabout war horse”.

I have read with interest the views expressed by [other readers] on opening up cycling in pedestrian areas in Norwich.

I expect most people were rightly horrified to see the picture of “Mrs Frisbee”, the seal found with remnants of a frisbee around her neck.

I would like to register my name in support of the discontent of the villagers of Necton with regards the increase of the current site within Necton and which is highly visible along the A47.

Although we are now well over a week since Bonfire Night, it seems that Norwich City Council’s Big Boom event is still causing a few fireworks.

I would like to express my opposition to the proposal to build the NDR through the Wensum valley.

Can anyone tell me why, in this health and safety-obsessed country, untrained members of the public are still allowed to have large bonfires and more worryingly, set off dozens of uncontrolled explosions and chemical reactions in their own back yards with children and animals in close proximity?

Cliff Jordan wants Norfolk to be a unitary authority — a proposal already rejected as an over-large and unwieldy attempt to reduce the administrative burdens of having seven different local authorities within the county.

It was interesting to hear how polluted the city of Norwich is and then over the weekend signs have been put up asking drivers to turn off their engine if there is a red light.

On July 17, 1967 the then farsighted councillors in Norwich became the first in the country to close a shopping street to traffic, creating a pedestrianised street.

There does not seem to be a day goes by without the news programmes telling us of somebody being accused of inappropriate behaviour or worse. First thing to remember is these people are being ‘tried out of court’ and even if they were eventually found innocent, their lives have already been ruined. I have always felt in cases of accusation of rape both the accused and the accuser should be afforded anonymity in the interests of a fair trial.

One reader thinks it’s only a matter of time before cyclists campaign for a cycle path on Norwich’s Northern Distributor Road.

When it comes to shoddy service I have zero tolerance, and I’m quick to complain when things go wrong.

The euphoria being generated by vested interests before the opening of the NDR will be short lived in the long-term when the chickens come home to roost.

Wonderful to cycle and walk the new unopened section of the NDR last weekend. Astounding politicians did not insist a cycle way was built alongside it for the whole of the new route.

I share the regret of your columnist Steven Downes that it has become prudent to search bags brought to public events.

Antek Lejk (who is the Chief Officer at the South Norfolk Clinical Commissioning Group) says that it is not essential for the public to understand the Norfolk and Waveney Sustainability and Transformation Plan (STP), and that its development in secret was “so the public was not concerned about changes”.

One of our readers has had a very interesting dream about EastEnders’ icon Phil Mitchell...

Our Police Service appears to have an appalling propensity to complicate relatively simple matters under the guise of being scrupulous whilst at the same time patronising the public, the Cromer incident being the most recent example.

A reader wrote the piece below after an elderly lady passed away on her street. We are happy to publish this anonymously.

We would like to make your readers aware of how they may be able to practically help the anatomy department at Norwich Medical School at UEA.

It has come to my attention that, during a recent county council meeting, Downham Market county councillor Tony White stated that cuts to services are “fine so long as they are not in my division”.

How encouraging it is to see central government have given money to improve the Hempnall crossroad junction on the A140.

I agree with columnist Liz Nice and her views about the uproar over Clive Lewis and the word ‘bitch’.

I see that once again the Hellesdon Hospital and its staff are being hounded by just about everyone after the latest inspection.

Just so you know Catton Park is still very much in existence. It is maintained by the Catton Park Trust with support from the Friends of Catton Park and is enjoyed by lots of people today.

Many of your readers will have bought a house at some time. For many people its the biggest decision of their life.

I would be very interested to hear from other readers regarding their thoughts on Halloween.

Andrew Tullett wasn’t the first to photograph every village sign in Norfolk.

My words precisely Ian Clarke (EN, October 18).

My friend recently told me how an impatient male driver was bumper to bumper with her and pushed her out of her lane. Stories like this are increasing.

I noticed recently the appalling state of the war memorial in Norwich.

I totally agree with police checking drivers to ensure they give cyclists adequate room when passing them in daylight.

A debate has started online about who should be on the back of a new £20 note.

In a few days time we will all be forced to go through the ridiculous ritual of putting our clocks back one hour.

Oh dear! Columnist Steven Downes certainly seems to have his knickers in a twist about pensioners who have dared to work for a decent pension. God forbid they even have the impudence to drink a gin and tonic.

More bad news regarding the road to nowhere (the NDR).

With Britvic leaving the Norwich site it shares with Unilever, it seems unlikely that Unilever would want to continue in Norwich while bearing the full infrastructure costs of the large site.

I felt the need to reply to the comments in Steven Downes article about the most appropriate time to put the heating on. I am 67 years of age and retired, so I probably fall into the category that he is maligning.

Under this Tory minority administration under the leadership of Theresa May as prime minister, we are sleepwalking into a housing crisis of a proportion we have not witnessed in recent years, but I believe there is a structural precursor which needs to be acknowledged.

It appears that the Conservatives are desperate to keep Theresa May as prime minister at this time for fear of what would happen if there was a leadership challenge.

Boris could try to leap in which would just hand the whole thing to Jeremy Corbyn. Let’s face it, after the referendum campaign nobody can believe a word Boris says.

Jeremy on the other hand talks the talk but with an absence of convincing anyone that he would have a firm hand in a crisis.

Politicians of any party are always trying to dream up new policies to gain votes and cling to power.

When will we get a leader who has the best interests of the country as their driving force?

I understand the proposed routes for the “Norwich Western Link” are to be revealed soon.

The Conservative Party chairman has vowed to start the student loan payback threshold at £25,000.

Lets mark the 65th and 60th anniversary of Britain’s atom and nuclear tests.

I recently attended a friends funeral at Earlham and afterwards we made our way to the Mitre pub to raise our glasses and remember her.

Cyclists have become the bullies of the road.
Having had to fling myself into a bush with my dog due to gangs of these thugs hurtling past at speed, I have decided to warn my fellow man.
When driving down a country road be warned – they will often take up the entire road. Smaller groups are almost as scary. When you try to pass them in a car they shout abuse and wave rude hand signs.
They will also creep up on horse riders, laughing as the rider tries to calm their frightened animal as they disregard personal space and hurtle past on the wrong side. Please note hacking horses are trained for years to obey the highway code. Cyclists are not.
Children should also be aware that cyclists regard themselves as masters of the world and will not slow down or give you any room, so don’t go out without a large person to defend your space.
Gone are the days when environmentally friendly and considerate people would 
pedal quietly along, tinkling their bell to warn you of their approach.

As a farmer and long established straw merchants in East Anglia, I feel it’s time large heavily subsidised grain farmers started co-operating more with the sale of straw at harvest to be baled for its many uses.
Feed and bedding are the obvious uses, but now in East Anglia the four straw power stations take nearly one million tonnes a year and this is creating further massive knock-on expense to the thousands of livestock farms, which incidentally receive little or no subsidy payments from the national pot from the EU.
We bale large acreages of straw annually largely for livestock farms nationally, combined with the bad weather at harvest this year and the increasing difficulties in buying large amounts behind the combines, as with most merchants are down in stocks by 40 per cent.
This translates into very high prices delivered onto livestock farms, which increasingly cannot be justified when meat and milk prices are struggling, and may create animal welfare problems in some livestock farms in the wet west and northern areas of Britain.
Straw is an essential commodity, a by-product and is required in increasingly larger quantities, locally for uses: feed, bedding, mushroom compost, carrot bed covering for frost protection and increasingly for fuel in energy plants and power stations.
The large modern balers and handling machinery allow procurement to blend perfectly at harvest today so it’s a quick efficient operation. As usually only just over half the cereal straw in any field is baled and removed, there is always the stubble/chaff remains that re-enters the soil with cultivation with much less risk of slug attacks to the following crop.
Removal of excess straw by baling will result in less slug activity on heavier damper soils and less toxic chemicals entering the ground water and wildlife food chain when controlling slug problems.
Farmers need to work together and facilitate each other to prosper nationally.

I do wonder if there are some people in local councils who lack imagination when it comes to approving the plans for new housing developments.

I read much in recent editions about the workings of the Broads Authority and their so-called management but I wonder if many readers
know about their attitude towards boaters, a sector of the broads users that gives much of the authorities income towards it.

Mike Stonard of the Highways committee says “There’s no evidence of an increased accident risk” from opening up pedestrianised areas to cyclists (September 21).

I do wonder if there are some people in local councils who lack imagination when it comes to approving the plans for new housing developments.

Ongoing roadworks in Eaton and Cringleford are intended to improve traffic flows and provide dedicated cycle lanes for the convenience and safety of cyclists.

Readers may recall mention a while ago that high street footfall has declined by 22pc in the last 10 years. Undoubtedly some of that will be due to online shopping.
Interestingly the chairman of the family-run Timpson company, when asked about it, was in no doubt as to the reason his company had only opened four high street shops out of a total of 95 in the last year, and expected his out of town sales to grow from a present 40pc to 70pc in 10 years.
It will not make pleasant reading for planners in Norwich and nationwide when he stated “Local authorities, I believe, are killing the high street and the centre of their communities by making shopping inconvenient to the motorist.

Taking a walk along part of the city’s riverside walk recently I finished up at Quayside hoping to see the kingfisher who regularly visits this stretch of the river.
The kingfisher I love, but when I reached Fye Bridge and looked across to the shallow part I spotted the bird I hate, the dreaded cormorant.

I am one of 90 Armed Forces athletes taking part in the Invictus Games in Toronto this week to stand proud for my country once more.

Regarding Andrew Clarke’s column regarding the cinema being a disaster movie, I think he’s got it all wrong.

The extreme weather which has caused devastation in Florida, Houston, the Caribbean and South East Asia is symptomatic of climate breakdown which is happening as a result of global warming, caused mainly by the burning of fossil fuels.
We have about 15 years left in which to stabilise the atmosphere before climate breakdown becomes unstoppable. Climate breakdown will result in the failure of staple crops in tropical zones, floods, droughts, wars over land and resources such as clean water and chaotic, forced, mass migration to temperate parts of the world.
The maturing of the renewable energy industry and ongoing developments in smart grids and battery storage mean we have a chance that climate breakdown can be averted but the window of opportunity is small.

Rachel Moore’s article (September 14) was a real breath of fresh air and addressed all the issues with regard to lack of parenting skills which have gradually deteriorated over the past few generations and sadly are set to continue to do so unless people like head teacher Mr Smith are allowed to halt the slide.

I have committed some speeding offences in my time, mainly for doing just over 30mph - including one in one of the temporary limits in the Northern Distributor works. I hold my hand up to these, but I still try hard (obviously not hard enough!).

I was interested to read the piece on the Broads Authority earlier this week, which accurately reflects widely held views.

I’m a regular dog-walker in Earlham Park, but I’m always happy to see this lovely area used for a variety of purposes, such as the 5k running event next weekend, the massive Radio One event two years ago and the Let’s Rock and Little Mix concerts this summer.

Very recently I had a fall in my home, I wasn’t injured but couldn’t get up without help. My husband, who is disabled, could not help so I rang ‘Norfolk Swift Response’ a service provided by Norfolk County Council.

Am I alone in thinking the array of fillers or distractions in speech – often but not exclusively by young people – such as “you know” and “like” are symptomatic of an inability to think clearly and plan what the person is going to say.

Norman Lamb might have described the planned merger of Paston Sixth Form College with City College Norwich as a “crying shame” but the real tragedy was the wilful destruction by politicians of Paston Grammar School at the start of the 1980s.

My husband and I went for a walk around Sandringham Estate today and we were quite shocked to see the amount of rubbish left by visitors to the estate.

We moved to Norwich just over a year ago, since then you have had various rants and reports regarding cyclists all of which that I have seen have been negative.

I do not know on what basis Bill Borrett (Letters, August 24) believes that the A47 dualling will “protect the villages of Hockering and Honingham”.

I request to be allowed a ‘one off’ in-depth response to the criticisms of the proposals for cycling facilities in Norwich and of cyclists.

I agree that a permanent memorial to Princess Diana should be erected in our city.

On Sunday I was driving from Horning towards Wroxham along a road which has a purpose-built cycle path costing over £1m, when I met a group of around 10 MAMIL (middle aged men in Lycra - or cyclists as they are more normally referred as).

Roger Haywood (Letters, September 1) has forensically analysed what is wrong with Norwich City Football Club and suggests they need a new nickname because The Canaries is too negative and makes us a laughing stock.

As the council soon makes its mind up about the permission of cyclists riding on pathways in the city.

Recently my family and I visited Great Yarmouth Pleasure Beach.

My heart was filled with joy when I read (August 28) that the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital was finally addressing their long standing parking problem.

With regards to the Norwich Airport announcement to expand.

So far the results of our new NCFC strategy have been very disappointing. Patience is in short supply. Defensive frailties exposed, no cutting edge up front.

Poor air quality in commercial jets is normally caused by toxic oil (containing organophosphate poisons) which can pass unfiltered into the cabin air.

On Saturday, July 22, I managed to leave my iPad on a bench near the Guildhall, close to the Forum.

As is my habit, I frequent a few of our seaside cafes from time to time.

Fakenham Town Council would like to make both residents and visitors aware of parking “fines” (charged) in the town by a private parking firm on the two Millers Walk car parks managed by Cockertons.

In his letter Mr Zenden decries the coldness of the people of Norfolk. He seems to live in a different Norfolk to the one that we live in.

I attended Norwich City’s game against Swindon on August 8, and just before kick-off stood to join in the traditional chorus of On the Ball City.

I am not from Norfolk.

Are lorries going to the Sweet Briar Industrial Estate and the chemical plant really going to use the NDR?

As someone who has lived around the vicinity of Magdalen Street all my life and always regularly shop there, it was sad to read about Mohamed Haider having his halal butchers shop window smashed by some mindless idiot.
The police are treating it as a hate crime which I suspect is a diplomatic way of saying it was a race crime, which is surprising because in my experience the whole street for many years has been a mix of shops made up of people with different cultures from all over the world, and all this has taken place with no racial tensions or trouble at all.

I am writing to you to tell you about the closure and demolition of the Earl of Leicester, 13 years ago.

A massive well done to the Norwich City Community Sports Foundation and its myriad of backroom supporters, sponsors and volunteers for yet another brilliantly organised Run Norwich.

I was delighted to see that the area around the plinth of Lord Nelson’s statue has at long last been looked after and plants placed in the ground, as it has been much neglected of late.

The plight of Charlie Gard was brought to our attention with high media coverage.

Electric vehicles by 2040 is great but people don’t realise the knock-on effect of this.

One thing I do regularly to get to the city is to walk under the Magdalen Street flyover, the presence of which seems to completely dominate the area surrounding it more than ever.

On the evening of Friday, July 28 my husband and I attended the Jools Holland concert at Taverham Hall. It was a fantastic show in a beautiful setting.

The last I heard was that work was to begin in June with the demolishing of the Stationery Office.

How on earth have the cycling public survived more-or-less intact all these years without the latest £425,000 scheme to provide cycle lanes? (Which the majority don’t seem to use anyway).

Recently I had the pleasure of exploring the Norfolk coastline, completing an exhilarating one-day walk and jog from Great Yarmouth to Cromer almost entirely along the seafront, although the wealth of tourist leaflets seemed to include no information about whether such a trek might be possible. Having carefully checked tides and maps it seemed feasible, and indeed it was, surpassing all expectations.

The Northern Distributor Road is truly the road to nowhere. A few miles away from where the NDR terminates is in the middle of nowhere.

Regarding Tom Jones at Holkham, this was one of the worst events I have ever been to for organisation.

Recently, the Department for Transport launched a public consultation on the East Midlands rail franchise.

With the large number of RAF bases and Army camps, unfortunately many now closed, large numbers of veterans stayed and some met and married local girls.

An EDP reader recently asked whether the polecat had made a reappearance in Norfolk naturally...

Norwich has been declared a flood risk area by Government experts, with 11,000 properties threatened.

We did not need government experts to tell us this, we needed them to listen to the concerns of local residents and tell us why Planning Police Statement 25: Development and Flood Risk has been constantly disregarded.

Maurice became a member of Norfolk County Cricket Club in 1987 after he and his wife, in retirement from teaching, had bought their holiday home near Fakenham.

On Sunday, July 16 I watched the Dereham Carnival parade as it made its way through the town’s crowded streets and Market Place. I must praise the organisers, clubs and organisations that took part to make it a wonderful spectacle.

Recently my husband suffered a stroke. Fortunately I was aware of the signs and immediately dialled 999.

As someone who stammers, and I am sure for many others who do, Phil Bunning’s experience at Sprowston Sainsbury’s petrol station is no surprise.

We are fighting a losing battle as the dumping or spraying of sand on our beaches is not really going to have any effect on coastal erosion.

I’ve noticed that a lot of people are calling for an end to high-rise residential buildings; no more buildings higher than three storeys or 40 feet.

Just recently I have had the occasion to make phone calls to several companies on certain matters.

Am I only person in Norwich who up to writing this letter (July 1) has not seen a single butterfly in my garden this year, not even a cabbage white, which for years have been by far the most common species who visit regularly.
My terraced house small garden looks like something out of the past with the ground filled with flowers, roses, fruit bushes and self-seeding wild flowers and with short open fencing, unlike today’s standard garden with six foot plus fencing and the ground area covered with slabs.
The butterfly’s absence has for some reason caused a marked increase in the bee population which now is made up of all types in colour and size. Are bees now finding it safer to live in the city rather than the countrside? I leave my back kitchen door open most summer days and stray bees are removed by letting them rest on my finger, and I have never once been stung doing this.

Nowhere in your coverage of the proposed expansion of Norwich airport is climate change even mentioned.

I was delighted to read of the possible expansion of Norwich Airport.
I do hope that the amount of annual passengers can be trebled with the possibility of flights to Paris, Dublin and further afield.

August 31 will be the 20th anniversary of the death of Diana, Princess of wales.

One recent headline was “Vattenfall off-shore wind farms bring jobs to Norfolk”.

Amidst the horrors of terrorism, domestic tragedy and government by tyrants some modern habits cause me great irritation.

I read with much sadness, disappointment and anger of the death of Katrina Rolph.

Forty years on and Cromer’s Seaside Special is at the top of its game and now the only show of its kind in the world.

The dropping of the current Conservative plan to offer a free vote in the Commons on hunting with dogs is very relevant for the future prospects of our native brown hares in East Anglia.
One third of the pack hunts in England and Wales target hares, not foxes, and the 2004 Hunting Act also outlaws hare coursing.
In 2011 a zoology report by Dr Toni Bunnell, University of Hull, listed the iconic brown hare as one of our British species most at risk of extinction by 2050.

In the light of the recent events at Grenfell Towers in London we must stop cuts to our fire and rescue service.

What a night! Wonderland was wonderful! We are used to the big names passing us by here in Norfolk, as though it isn’t worth them coming, but Take That proved them all wrong.

Like many groups throughout the country, Normandie Tower residents had a picnic on Sunday, June 18. Inevitably one of the topics we chatted about was the safety of our homes in the light of the London tower block tragedy.

You are absolutely right to report that the Take That show at Carrow Road was marvellous — but the real stars were the audience.

I expect that I am not the only one humbled to read about young carer James Simmons who has looked after his ailing mum and younger brother since he was nine years old (June 17).
I am filled with admiration for this youngster who has missed so much of his childhood doing what amounts to almost a full time job whilst trying to keep up with his education. At the same time I am deeply ashamed that our modern society does not seem capable of providing adequate support for young people who find themselves in such a situation.
How can local politicians and those responsible for social care read about James without shedding a tear as I did? Are we so hell bent on providing all sorts of support in other parts of the world that we overlook our own people? I think the answer must be yes, and it’s high time we gave carers such as James a better deal.

As expected, it appears that the cost of the NDR is going to increase again.

We had tickets for the first performance of the Take That concert, my wife`s birthday present.

Sainsbury’s policies on the control of foxes and other so-called pests must be called into question.

The UK appears to be in turmoil. Our “first past the post” electoral system is farcical. We can’t get to grips with Brexit.

The completion of dualling of the A11 in late 2014 has reconnected the Norwich and Norfolk economy to the rest of the UK and especially the South-East and London.

They say the true measure of society is judged by the way we treat our most vulnerable members, if that is the case and we regard ourselves as a member of that society, then most of us should be thoroughly ashamed.

I cannot help but be amused at the never ending items in the media about Great Yarmouth and the plans to revitalise the resort town.

I would be very grateful if you would allow me to thank some kind Norfolk people who were very kind to me.