Norwich Crown Court

Dozens of victims of a Norwich fraudster, who repeatedly conned shoppers with a garden furniture scam, are in line to get their money back after a court confiscated more than £37,000 of his ill-gotten gains.

A man charged with county lines drug dealing as part of a crackdown on Class A drugs in Norwich has appeared in court.

A man accused of daubing rude graffiti over police and court buildings is due to appear in court tomorrow.

A man accused of attempted robbery following an incident where householders were threatened with a knife is to appear in court next month.

Two men have appeared in court following a street fight which followed a "history of trouble" between two families.

A man has been warned by a judge he will serve even longer behind bars if he does not do something about his drug addiction.

A 15-year-old talented footballer, who had trials for Arsenal, stabbed a man leaving him with "life threatening" injuries after he was trafficked to sell drugs for a county line drugs gang.

A ring belonging to a Norwich murder victim has not been found since she was attacked with a hammer in her neighbour's flat well over a year ago, it has emerged.

A man who said he had no idea what cannabis looked like was found at a huge detached property with more than 300 plants with a potential street value of up to £120,000, a court has heard.

A drug dealer tried to evade police in Norwich by hiding a bag containing drugs and £275 in cash in a tree, a court heard.

An inquest into the death of a one-month-old baby will not be resumed after a court case "fully aired" the circumstances.

A man accused of murdering a 48-year-old at a Norwich car park has refused to have any more psychiatric tests before his trial.

A truck driver accused of killing a motorist said he steered to the wrong side of the road as an instinctual reaction to try to avoid a crash, a court heard.

A jury in the trial of a 19-year-old accused of being involved in a knife attack on a man in a Norwich flat will continue deliberations tomorrow after being sent home for the night.

A jury has heard closing speeches in the trial of a 19-year-old accused of being involved in a knife attack on a man in a Norwich flat.

A woman has appeared in court charged with the murder of her husband in Wymondham.

Two men have appeared in court accused of the murder of a man who died in Downham Market almost nine years ago.

A lorry driver involved in a head-on crash in which a 29-year-old man died denied he had been distracted or in any hurry on the day of the fatal accident.

Detectives investigating the murder of a man in Wymondham at the weekend have now lifted the police cordon at the scene of the attack.

A man needed a blood transfusion after being stabbed in the leg after three youths attacked him at a Norwich flat, despite desperate attempts by his sister to protect him.

A man who was caught dealing class A drugs on the streets of Norwich has been jailed.

A businessman has been warned he faces prison after he was convicted following the death of a skip hire firm worker who was suffocated when his clothing became caught in machinery.

A woman has appeared in court charged with the murder of her husband.

A 29-year-old father of two young children was killed when an articulated lorry smashed head-first into his car on the wrong side of the road, a court has heard.

A former teacher and mother-of-two broke down in tears as she was jailed after slipping into the "shadowy world" of drugs when the "fabric of her life unravelled".

A jury in the trial of a businessman charged with manslaughter after a 29-year-old skip hire firm worker suffocated when his clothing became caught in a machine have been hearing closing speeches in the trial.

A Norwich man who supplied heroin to an undercover police officer has been given an extra four months in jail after messing the court around by trying to change his plea,

The jury in the trial involving a London gang accused of flooding Great Yarmouth with heroin and cocaine has been sent out again to consider its verdicts.

A lorry driver is due to go on trial today accused of causing the death of a man by dangerous driving.

Take a look at what has been happening in Norwich Crown Court this week.

A former history teacher and UEA graduate has told a court she felt she had "nothing to lose" by falling into the world of drugs.

A burglar ransacking a Norwich home just three days before Christmas was captured when the brave owners rugby tackled him and repeatedly hit him with a frying pan until police arrived, a court heard.

Two men involved in a Great Yarmouth boxing match appeared at a Norwich court today charged with alleged health and safety failings after a young boxer died following his first fight.

A Norwich courtroom was forced to close after a woman falsely claimed she had been in contact with anthrax.

A man accused of the manslaughter of a worker who died after becoming trapped in machinery said it had not registered with him there should have been safety guards on the equipment.

A jury in the trial of five people accused of being involved in a drugs conspiracy which flooded Great Yarmouth with cocaine and heroin will resume their deliberations on Friday (March 15).

A jury has been told an accident at a Norfolk firm where a worker lost his life after becoming trapped in machinery could have been avoided.

A former Norwich City footballer has been ordered to do 140 hours of unpaid work after being found guilty of a city nightclub sex assault.

A former Norwich City footballer is due to be sentenced today after he was convicted of sexually assaulting a woman in a nightclub.

The social enterprise behind Norwich's Cafe Britannia is in talks to redevelop Long Stratton's public toilet building into a takeaway, deli and retail unit.

A businessman is on trial for manslaughter after a 29-year-old skip hire firm worker suffocated when his clothing became caught in a machine bought for £18,000 on eBay, a court heard.

This is the moment a man who threatened to take his partner's jaw off was arrested after he flipped his van in a field following a dramatic high-speed chase.

A cocaine user who took to dealing in Hunstanton as he "could not afford the habit" has been jailed for 28 months.

A prolific dangerous driver rammed a police car to escape having taken his girlfriend's car, before speeding through the centre of Norwich.

A serial conwoman who stole a man's life savings and falsely accused him of rape will be forced to repay £2,630 to her victim.

The many ways John Miller let down his customers were as diverse as the jobs he claimed he could do.

A cowboy builder who took luxury holidays while heartbroken customers were left with shoddy and unfinished work was jailed for four years today.

A defendant changed his plea and admitted being involved in a drugs conspiracy which flooded Great Yarmouth with cocaine and heroin.

A man who had been supplying drugs in Great Yarmouth has been jailed for three years.

A family gang dealt out a "really severe punishment-style beating" to a woman accused of having an affair with the partner of one of them, a court has heard.

An ironworks owner has claimed he cannot pay compensation to an ex-employee who had a thumb amputated after an accident at work as Brexit has forced the business to close.

A burglar posed as a workman when he was caught red-handed breaking into a home in South Wootton.

An illegal immigrant was holed up around the clock in a room on the edge of Norwich when he was found with a huge stash of tobacco worth £310,000.

Here is our monthly look back at some of the criminals who were jailed in Norfolk courts in February.

A man denied being involved in a drugs conspiracy which flooded Great Yarmouth with cocaine and heroin and claimed it was a shock to discover his DNA was found on some of the drugs packaging.

A sex offender lied about his past history in order to get a job working as a kitchen porter at a north Norfolk hotel chain, a court heard.

A man caught with about 200 wraps of cocaine and heroin between his buttocks has been jailed for more than five years.

An Ipswich Town supporter has been cleared of causing criminal damage at Norwich City's stadium after the prosecution offered no evidence after reviewing CCTV of the incident.

An inquest into the death of 21-year-old Hannah Williamson has been adjourned again, despite the two men who supplied the drugs that led to her death being jailed.

Two men denied an attempted murder charge following a shooting in Norwich in which a 19 year-old man suffered serious injuries.

A man who broke into a bank has pleaded not guilty as 
he was suffering from "a disease of the mind" at the time.

A man accused of guiding a drugs conspiracy which flooded Great Yarmouth with cocaine and heroin has denied any involvement.

A motorist has been told he could have killed or injured someone after "the most appalling piece of driving", a court has heard.

A man accused of daubing rude graffiti over police and court buildings has had his case adjourned.

Four people admitted involvement in a late-night "ugly incident" near John Lewis, in All Saints Green, in Norwich, in which a man was kicked on the ground.

A drunken woman attacked emergency workers by constantly spitting at them and bit one police officer on the thigh in what was described as some of the "worst abuse" one officer had experienced, a court heard.

Two fitness fraudsters today admitted running online courses which took thousands of pounds from customers across the world hoping to become nutrition experts.

A 22-year-old has denied murdering a homeless man near a car park in Norwich.

Coded messages sent by a London gang which offered crack cocaine and heroin for sale in Great Yarmouth were read out to a jury.

A drunken man attacked an 81-year-old pensioner in her own home hitting her around the head and leaving her fearing she would die after he put his hands round her neck and pushed her face down onto a sofa,

Take a look at what has been happening in courts in Norfolk this week.

A drink-driver who led police on a chase which reached speeds of up to 100mph on the A47 has been jailed after a judge branded it "extremely reckless".

An inmate at Norwich Prison has been jailed after four improvised weapons were found in his cell, a court has heard.

A man caught with cocaine following a police raid at an address in Lowestoft has been jailed for 12 months.

A judge has praised a six-year-old Norfolk victim of a sex assault for finding the courage to tell her family what happened, as the man responsible was jailed.

A man was warned he faces jail after he admitted being involved in one of the largest hauls of illegal tobacco uncovered by the county's trading standards team.

A man responsible for a string of burglaries across Norfolk over the past few years was wearing clothing and a bracelet belonging to some of the victims when he was arrested, a court has heard.

A man looking to deal drugs in Norwich was arrested when he went over and started to be aggressive to police who were arresting another man he did not even know, a court has heard.

The sentencing of a man who admitted a knife-point robbery at a Norfolk sports store before carrying out a car jacking has been adjourned.

A man has appeared in court charged with attempted murder following a shooting in Norwich.

A shoplifter was wrestled to the ground by baton-wielding police after she threatened to stab an officer with a hypodermic syringe, a court heard.

A 22-year-old left a man needing 24 stitches after stabbing him three times with a kitchen knife during a violent scuffle in Norwich, a court heard.

Two brothers accused of attempted armed robberies in Norwich and Attleborough are to apply to have the charges against them dismissed.

A drug dealer faces at least seven years in prison after admitting possession of crack and heroin with intent to supply in Norwich.

A "jealous and possessive" man attacked his ex-partner after bombarding her with threatening text messages and hacked off her hair because he knew just how much it meant to her, a court heard.

A drugs courier caught bringing cocaine into Norwich on the A11 has been ordered to pay back £2300 in cash.

A rogue trader who conned homeowners by failing to complete building work at their properties has been told he will be jailed when he is sentenced next month.

Two men have been jailed for a total of nine years for their part in supplying heroin and cocaine in Norwich.

The father of a "beautiful girl" who died after she was supplied drugs by two men said he "wished with all his heart they were dead".

A woman has appeared in court accused of harassment after allegedly moving a palm tree so it hanged over a neighbour's fence.

Four fraudsters admitted making hundreds of pounds by duping dog lovers into buying puppies they thought were from loving homes when they had been bred at cruel puppy farms, a court heard.

A judge has asked for a medical report on a mother of two who ran from police for three months after she appeared in court seeming "frail".

This is the moment UEA graduate and former history teacher Angela Davey was arrested in Camden after three months on the run for drug dealing.

The 'director' of a drug gang which flooded Great Yarmouth with cocaine and heroin was 'guiding the conspiracy' with 116 texts and 56 phone calls a day from his base in Hackney, a court heard.

A driver caused the wheel to come off his vehicle when he overloaded it with thousands of pounds worth of stolen BT copper cabling, a court heard.

A man carrying a table leg was tasered by armed police when he caused a disturbance after a car accident on a busy Norwich road.

A "dangerous" man who sent indecent images of children to a 17-year-old girl in care while under a sexual risk order has been jailed for three years.

A woman pretended to be dead to escape after a violent assault by her boyfriend, who bit off a chunk of her nose and left her for dead in a pool of her own blood, a court heard.

A fraudster who sold thousands of television set-top boxes across the UK which allowed customers to illegally watch Sky has been ordered to pay back more than £40,000.

Six people are to go on trial charged with conspiracy to supply heroin and cocaine in Great Yarmouth.

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