Zara Schofield

Norwich Castle

> Norwich Castle

Norfolk's Zara Schofield is holding her first solo exhibition in Norwich since graduating from Wimbledon Art School.

Schofield's vibrantly coloured, abstract canvases inject a shot of modernity to the Castle. Curvaceous, looping lines are recurring motifs; painted and overlaid, the layers craft a history and incidence in the ground of the paintings and the linear shapes entice the eye to wander the surface.

There are 13 paintings: one large canvas, Chaos, and a suite of smaller studies.

But the more I lingered over the works, the more I realised they are anything but chaotic. The rope-like spools of colour, although dizzying, loop rhythmically over the surface of the dazzling canvases and form a sequential balance.

The fusion of a chaos created in an orderly manner creates an unusual paradox.

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The eye finds the occasional 'end' of a line, and then, one wonders, is it a 'beginning?'

If Schofield's early promise is anything to go by, this is the beginning of an illustrious artist's career.

t The exhibition runs until February 5.

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