Young film-makers back for festival

Some of the UK's most talented young filmmakers will be returning home to introduce their movies at the second Yarmouth Film Festival, which starts this weekend.

Some of the UK's most talented young filmmakers will be returning home to introduce their movies at the second Yarmouth Film Festival, which starts this weekend.

Among the classic Hollywood movies and Norfolk heritage films being shown over the next week nestle three new independent films created using the crème of Yarmouth talent.

'P' is an 18-rated horror film set in Thailand and concerning a young girl's battle with her demons, written and directed by Paul Spurrier.

American Perfekt is an offbeat American road movie made by former Yarmouth-based filmmaker Paul Chart, and Powerless is a topical thriller written and directed by former Beccles man Matt Daniels.

“It's about a family surviving an attack on the UK but finding there's no longer any power,” said Mr Daniels. “It's quite a grungy film - we've worked hard to make it look believable and dramatic, but at the same time we've received a lot of praise for the cinematography, which is very gratifying.”

The 30-year-old has been working on the film for three years, and used himself and his wife's family to play all the principle roles.

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Mr Daniels first became interested in film at Beccles High School - he would stay behind and make short films while other pupils headed off abroad on more glamorous activities.

But those early days have paid off as now Hollywood big shots are showing an interest in his film.

After showing at a Californian film festival this month Powerless caught the attention of the team behind Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie vehicle Mr and Mrs Smith, and hopes are high the film could be remade as a Hollywood blockbuster.

Mr Daniels has now quit his job as a Shropshire-based communications officer to become a full-time filmmaker and is already working on his next film, a thriller concerning biometrics.

He will be introducing Powerless at Hollywood Cinemas before its screening at 6.30pm on Wednesday October 5 - see for more details.

t For the full Yarmouth Film Festival programme and prices see or phone 01493 846345.

Alongside the modern-day art-house cinema on offer in Yarmouth are a series of tailor-made heritage films put together by the UEA-based East Anglian Archive.

Those interested in seeing olden-day Norfolk can take a look at the development of the region's transport from the wherry to the traction engine in a feature presented by Prof Norman Riley.

Film archivist Nathalie Morris has put together a special package around Yarmouth's fairs over the decades which will also be premiering at the festival.

Yesterday she said: “We've always had a reputation of taking our films back to where they were shot and we expect a lot of people to be interested in the fairs at Yarmouth.”

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