Writing The Visual - MA degree show

Norwich School of Art and Design

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“The poem is a speaking picture, the painting mute poetry” - this show aims to provoke a shifting discourse between the two disciplines and demonstrates the fluidity of both genres.

Mary Percy-Burns exhibits photographs of Anthony Gormley's Angel of the North and Iron Man together with a series of poems - which encapsulate her individual response to these epic sculptures.

They convey the feelings of shelter and scale otherwise unobtainable from a small picture.

Juliette Roques has researched the dialogue of the non-fictional narrative with a novel, Berlin-Kladow.

Extracts are juxtaposed by a filmesque series of black and white photographs by Roberto Romo that depict an aura of nostalgia.

Most Read

A children's book produced by Amanda Addison is accompanied by a sequence of crafted collages depicting, with a rhythmical prose, a tale that begins with the character Captain Cockle.

The pictures illustrate the story and trigger a child-like interest with the use of an eclectic array of throw-away materials often associated with one's initial recollection of school-day art.

The poetry and writing stimulus enhance the experience of the visual art on show. Each genre has it's own indisputable merits which, when combined, informs the excellence of the other.