Will The Missing season two finale wrap up all the unanswered questions?

Adam Gettrick (Derek Riddell) probably isn't hunting deer with this rifle. Picture BBC/NEW PICTURES

Adam Gettrick (Derek Riddell) probably isn't hunting deer with this rifle. Picture BBC/NEW PICTURES - Credit: BBC/New Pictures

I have invested seven hours of my life on this series of The Missing, so am hoping to finally tie together the loose threads from the timelines that I've struggled to keep pace with to solve the mystery of the disappearance of Alice Webster and Sophie Giroux.

When a young woman returned to her family 11 years after she was abducted - for many dramas it would have been the happy ending that viewers were waiting for. But in the second series of The Missing, it was just the start.

The first episode took us back to late 2014, when Alice Webster stumbled through the streets of Eckhausen, Germany, the same town she was abducted from in 2003.

Yet when the action moved to the present day, it was clear that not all was well with the reunited family. For a start, Alice's brother now appears to be hanging out with the worst rappers in Germany and stealing cars from military bases and secondly, her mum and dad are barely speaking on account of the fact he's got someone else pregnant. Oops.

For the viewers who have been metaphorically on the sofa beside me for these past eight weeks, there should finally be some answers tonight as we reach the final episode. Detective Julien Baptiste (Tcheky Karyo) has also been trying to piece the puzzle together, and he finally discovers the truth about the re-appearance of 'Alice' as the circumstances of her escape back to Eckhausen finally come to light.

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Meanwhile, in 2016, armed with fresh information, Sam and Gemma present a new, united front as they join Julien in a desperate race to track Alice and Sophie's abductor all the way from Germany to the mountains of Switzerland.

When the first season of The Missing ended, viewers were divided on whether we'd finally found out what happened to little Oliver, or if loose ends had been left dangling. So are we about to get a neat conclusion, or will there still be some questions in needs of answer?

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'Endings will always divide people,' said Willow Grylls, co-producer of The Missing, 'but will the ending answer all the questions that people have? Yes. I think it will.' Writing team Jack and Harry Williams say that – thus far – no online theories they have read have cracked the mystery. Which blows my 'it was all just a dream' theory out of the water, then.

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