WILD PATHS FESTIVAL: Laura Misch impresses with complex soundscapes

Wild Paths Festival is coming to Norwich for the first time

Wild Paths Festival is coming to Norwich for the first time - Credit: Archant

A third of the way through her set at The Shoe Factory Social Club Upstairs stage, Laura Misch looks up at the growing crowd gathered in front and says it's nice to be able to see her audience as she's more used to playing in dark clubs than relatively well-lit venues.

And, for those who did choose to head to the first floor of the old factory on Saturday afternoon, the appreciation was mutual as Laura Misch delivered a fantastic set brimming with dreamy soundscapes and rich vocals.

The south Londoner opened her set with a cascade of saxophone, supported with synth and textured sound, a track that set the tone of the entire gig.

Glass Shards, about a longing to climb the glass mountains of London's skylines but realising you can't because they're private property was equally good.

The track also gave the audience the chance to hear Misch's rich vocals.

Tentatively explaining the thinking behind each track - something she was "trying out" - Misch looked comfortable on stage and swaying with the rhythms of each track she looked like she was having a great time.

A minor hiccup occurred when she decided to abandon Blue Dot half way through - but she replaced it with Night Drive - a brilliant track which encapsulated the sensation of driving through a deserted city at night.

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Misch's ability to create complex walls of sound is impressive, for me she was best when she was using all of her powers, saxophone, loops and vocals to create resonating soundscapes.

All in all, Laura Misch delivered a fantastic performance and it was great to see her play in Norwich, hopefully she'll be back.