Why Rory Bremner’s still making a good impression

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Rory Bremner is still going strong after 25 years on radio and TV and you only have to see his performance to understand why his shows are in such demand.

The latest addition to his repertoire is Donald Trump and he used stacks of Trump’s own character and physical traits to get that point across.

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Rory reckons there are fewer recognisable characters about these days, so he gave a blast from the past in his ‘golden oldie’ section. Needless to say, Tony Blair, David Blunkett, Tony Benn and David Cameron featured highly. Of course, Boris Johnson could not escape and even Andy Murray had an appropriate mention with his dour approach.

Rory’s success is surely based on his thinking and research of politics which was vividly conveyed by his stage chat with Professor David Runciman. Although funny it was also most informative and gave an insight into what they described as ‘the thinking or was it misthinking’ of the electorate when it came to Brexit and Trump. There was much speculation in this section.

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It proved to be a very entertaining and enlightening show which was topical and fresh but most of all extremely funny. And Jo Caulfield fitted seamlessly into the proceedings with her own brand of observational humour.

Robert Wright

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