When Harry Met Sally

Norwich Theatre Royal

> Norwich Theatre Royal

I'm not a big fan of schmaltz, sentiment, or anything that remotely approaches that area known as 'chick flick'. It has me reaching for the off-switch quicker than you can say “soft focus”.

But somehow, Nora Ephron, writer of the romance When Harry Met Sally, has wormed her way into my affections to such an extent, that I even have one of her books.

Of course, I remember the film coming out.

And it's amazing how much of the script and visuals I still recall: the famous orgasm over the cup of coffee; the heart-stopping rush at the end, when Harry dashes against the New Year's Eve crowd to tell Sally that he loves her – but what I remember most of all were the quips. Mostly Harry's.

Seeing the stage version might have been a let-down.

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But it was actually like meeting old friends. And fun, too, because you knew what was going to happen next but not how you would see it in a theatre.

The necessary split screen moments for instance (remember the bit where Harry and Sally both call the same couple at the same time) were managed by ingenious staggered platforms denoting different places.

Have I mentioned Gaby Roslin? Well, you're probably wondering, and yes, she can act.

She's actually rather good. She gave the role a tougher edge than Meg Ryan, with a deep voice and a firm step, and nothing over-played.

This was a slick show with some classy acts.

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