Wheels on the Bus

Norwich Theatre Royal

Take your singing voice with you if you make this show as it's song after song after song. All the old favourites are there from Row the Boat, One Finger, One Thumb, The Grand Old Duke of York and If You're Happy and You Know It to a few lesser known ones which had this mum-of-two stumped.

Being a parent who's keen on the theatre, I'm fast becoming an expert on children's shows and reckon that this is one of the best around. As usual the small cast work terrifically hard throughout and what a way to earn a living! Would you want to dress up as a scare-crow, drum and lion in the space of 90 minutes?!

They belt out the tunes and perform funky dance numbers with conviction despite the background noise of children and parents doing their own thing.

Then the costumes and props actually look as if they are not just jumble sale finds, with the star attraction, the big, red Beep the Bus, delighting all.

Children loved spotting all their favourite nursery rhyme characters and life in Sing Song City seems to agree with all – my two-year-old watched with great concentration and occasionally wiggled her bottom to the beat. The three-year-old preferred to watch the monitor outside so if you have a shy type at home, be warned as it is a loud show – as they always are.

There's even a visual joke in this piece for mums. It sounds harmless, a man dressed as a saxophone. He's called Sax and let's just say it didn't quite fit the family entertainment bill. I'll say no more but if you go, you'll know what I mean. Rude or what!

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