What to watch on TV this week - from fishing to fighting couples, via a wellness retreat

Bob Mortimer and Paul Whitehouse 

Bob Mortimer and Paul Whitehouse - Credit: BBC/Owl Power/Sam Gibson

Mortimer and Whitehouse: Gone Fishing, BBC2, Sundays 8pm and BBC iPlayer 

As someone with a fear of fish – I've felt light-headed in various aquariums over the years – you would have thought that the last thing I would want to watch on the telly would be a show about fishing. 

But Mortimer and Whitehouse: Gone Fishing has got me completely hooked. 

Now in its fourth series, each week, long-time friends, comedians Bob Mortimer and Paul Whitehouse, travel to a fishing spot.  

While they try and reel in their catch, they share their life experiences.  

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The show came about when Paul invited Bob fishing with him as part of his recuperation from a major heart operation. 

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Bob Mortimer enjoying a spot of fishing in Wales - Credit: BBC/Owl Power

Men often find it difficult to be open and talk about their feelings, and their tales of the riverbank make a really poignant watch as they ruminate on the highs and lows – their loves and losses, ageing and the passing of time.  

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The serious subject matter is punctuated by Bob falling over, Paul berating Bob’s fishing technique and their canine companion Ted trying to steal their picnic. 

The banter between the two friends is effortless, intimate and, as you’d expect from a pair of comedians, often hilarious. 

It’s truly a balm for the soul – or should that be sole?  

Emma Lee 

Married At First Sight UK, E4, Monday – Thursday, 9pm  

It’s back – and it’s crazier than ever. That’s right, one of the wildest social experiments has returned to our screens, and it’s already providing some amazing entertainment. Married At First Sight UK is in its sixth season, and as the name suggests, is a reality show where a variety of single people from all walks of life sign up to marry total strangers – only meeting for the first time on their wedding day. 

Paired up by a panel of experts who analyse their wants, desires and what they think would work best for them, the couples on paper should technically be perfect for each other, right? Wrong.  

Without giving away too many spoilers, it’s clear from the offset that a lot these couples aren’t going to work. Just watch the car crash that is Adam and Nikita who we meet in the first episode – they couldn’t be more different if they tried.  

Couples attend the second group dinner party. .Pictured: Morag aand Luke.

Morag and Luke are warming to one another on Married at First Sight UK - Credit: Channel 4

And not only are we given access to their wedding days, we see the couples on their honeymoons and when they move in together afterwards. After that, they’re all put to the test in a commitment ceremony, with each revealing whether they wish to carry on or not.  

This is my first time watching Married At First Sight, and I’m absolutely addicted. I have no idea what would compel you to sign up for such a show, but thank goodness there’s enough willing participants out there as it really does make for some insane viewing. 

Danielle Lett 

Nine Perfect Strangers, Amazon Prime, new episodes every Friday 

Did you happen to catch Big Little Lies on Sky (still available to stream)?  

The two series, featuring star turns from Nicole Kidman, Reese Witherspoon et al, brought all the glossy drama of antipodean author Liane Moriaty’s book to life perfectly. As an avid Moriarty fan – I was happy. 

So imagine my utter flipping joy when Hulu picked up Nine Perfect Strangers for Amazon Prime. While it’s not my favourite from Moriarty’s back catalogue (I could only just remember the plot of the soapy 2018 thriller), when I saw the cast list I knew I had to watch it.  

File photo dated 12/10/17 of Nicole Kidman, who has hinted she has finished filming on the second se

Nicole Kidman stars as Masha in Nine Perfect Strangers - Credit: PA Wire/PA Images

Kidman is back, alongside Melissa McCarthy, Luke Evans, Samara Weaving, Bobby Cannavale, Regina Hall, Michael Shannon and Asher Keddie. 

And the premise is simple. Nine, yes you get it, strangers, each haunted by tragedy, wind up in what looks like a blissful capsule of modernity and wellbeing, away from the distractions of real life. 

But nothing is as it seems. Why are they having strange dreams? What do they really know about mysterious retreat owner Masha (Kidman)? And why have they been ‘chosen’? 

There are some brilliant performances here. Ever moving away from her breakout role in Bridesmaids, McCarthy shows refreshing restraint as a failing author duped by her lover. Shannon and Keddie rise on the crescendo of madness that is grief after losing their son. And Hall is pitch perfect as the quiet one...the one you should really look out for. 

This is paradise. But, hell, no one sane would want to spend time in it. A twisty turner that’s well worth a watch. 

Charlotte Smith-Jarvis 

What are you watching? 

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