What did you think of BBC Two show Normal for Norfolk?

Normal for Norfolk - - Episode: 1 - Picture Shows: Desmond MacCarthy - (C) Boundless - Photographe

Normal for Norfolk - - Episode: 1 - Picture Shows: Desmond MacCarthy - (C) Boundless - Photographer: Screen grab - Credit: BBC/Boundless

The first episode of the BBC Two show starring Desmond MacCarthy aired last night, entertaining the masses and inspiring a fantastic trend on Twitter. But what did you think of Normal for Norfolk?


Normal for Norfolk made its television debut on BBC Two last night, with the first in a series of four episodes featuring Desmond MacCarthy, owner of Wiveton Hall and a pair of outrageous eyebrows.

MacCarthy introduced viewers to his family, including his adorable 99-year-old mother Chloe and his two children, before exposing his struggling business ventures, the Wiveton Hall Cafe, a roadside fruit and vegetable stall and holiday rental cottages.

His grand schemes to keep Wiveton afloat and bring it further into the 21st century were entertaining and allowed Desmond to win over the viewing public if the tweets on #NormalforNorfolk are anything to go by.

Let us know what you thought about it in the comments below.

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