Our festive guide to the best films on TV this Christmas

Hugh Jackman is PT Barnum in the contemporary movie musical The Greatest Showman Photo: 20th Century

Hugh Jackman is PT Barnum in the contemporary movie musical The Greatest Showman Photo: 20th Century Fox - Credit: Archant

Christmas is the time of year when the TV companies supplement their home-grown Christmas specials with a welcome opportunity to catch some great movies. Arts editor Andrew Clarke compiles his recommended viewing list

Jason Segel and Amy Adams organise a telethon to save The Muppet Theatre in the movie The Muppets Ph

Jason Segel and Amy Adams organise a telethon to save The Muppet Theatre in the movie The Muppets Photo: Disney - Credit: Archant

Christmas Eve

How the Grinch Stole Christmas (2000) ITV, 12.55pm

Forget the current animated film, this life action version with Jim Carrey as the green-faced misery-guts will go down as the all-time classic. Brilliantly brought to life by top director Ron Howard, he creates a wonderful alternate universe in Whoville and makes us believe. A perfect slice of festive warmth.

Gremlins - the contemporary fairytale set at Christmas Photo: Warner Bros

Gremlins - the contemporary fairytale set at Christmas Photo: Warner Bros - Credit: Archant

You may also want to watch:

Scrooge (1951) Channel 5, 4.20pm

There are plenty of versions of Dickens' tale on screen this Christmas but this British version starring Alastair Sim is by the far the best. The British comic actor, who was previously most famous for cross-dressing and playing dual roles in the St Trinians' movies, is perfectly cast against type in this seasonally atmospheric masterpiece. No matter how many times you see it, it never fails to move you.

Most Read

Gremlins (1984) ITV, 9.20pm

Michelle Williams stars as Marilyn Monroe and Eddie Redmayne as Colin Clark visit Eton College in My

Michelle Williams stars as Marilyn Monroe and Eddie Redmayne as Colin Clark visit Eton College in My Week With Marilyn Photo: BBC Films - Credit: Archant

A blacker than black, black comedy about cute, furry little creatures who are transformed into killer demons during the Christmas period. It sends up the sickly cuteness, and the picture perfect nature of small town America as depicted in endless Hollywood Christmas films. It's a hugely entertaining adventure-comedy, stylishly told and full of magic moments. Look out for the cameo by Steven Spielberg.

The Lady In The Van (2015), BBC2, 10pm

Alan Bennett's touching real-life tale of a bag lady who pitches up on his drive told by Bennett's on-screen doppelgänger Alex Jennings and the brilliant Maggie Smith. Brilliantly brought to life by theatre director Nicholas Hytner, who directed the play at the National Theatre, the film explores the touching friendship that developed between the pair over many years. Maggie Smith is brittle, bitter, funny and vulnerable in a powerhouse performance.

Christmas Day

Arthur Christmas (2011) Channel 4, 1.45pm

Aardman Animation, the people who gave us Wallace and Gromit, have come up with a Christmas classic in this beautifully far-fetched adventure about Santa and his family who bumble their way through the festive season each year. Jim Broadbent voices the perpetually confused Santa while Hugh Laurie is the technology obsessed heir apparent. Bill Nighy steals the show as the cranky Grandpa Claus and James McAvoy is the naive hero Arthur who doesn't want one child to be missed.

The Greatest Showman (2017) Sky 1, 6.45pm

The big film for Christmas Day without any doubt. Hugh Jackman goes back to his roots as a theatrical song and dance man for this colourful tale of American circus impresario PT Barnum. The film, like Moulin Rouge before it, reinvents the movie musical for the modern age, mixing visuals and musical dance sequences with dramatic scenes from different era, in order to create something that is both atmospheric, dramatic and very contemporary. The song-writing team behind La La Land do the honours when it comes to the up-lifting songs.

The Duchess (2008) BBC 2, 10.15pm

Ralph Fiennes, Keira Knightley and Haley Atwell form an eyebrow raising menage-a-trois in this true story of Georgiana, The Duchess of Devonshire. Georgiana becomes a powerful behind-the-scenes political reformer while her philandering husband, the Duke, is only interested in getting an heir. Knightley plays Georgiana with intelligence and great dignity while Fiennes is suitably cold and remote. Georgiana cleverly forms a bond with her rival Bess Foster as the trio live an extraordinary life together.

My Week with Marilyn (2011) BBC1, 12.35am

Another extraordinary true story as Michelle Williams becomes the latest actress to fill the shoes of Marilyn Monroe. Kenneth Branagh directs and plays Laurence Olivier in this absorbing tale of life on set of The Prince and The Showgirl which Monroe shot in London with Olivier in 1957. The film captures the period perfectly having been adapted from the memoirs of Colin Clark who was working as a production assistant on set at the time and befriended Marilyn as tensions arose with Olivier.

Boxing Day

Saving Mr Banks (2013) BBC2, 2.30pm

The true story behind Walt Disney's creation of the film version of Mary Poppins with Emma Thompson providing a stand-out performance as prickly author PL Travers and Tom Hanks has the patience of a saint as the wily, but put-upon Walt Disney. Travers hated cartoons, musicals and Hollywood and wanted to protect the integrity of her creation but as this film entertainingly reveals Hollywood always gets its way.

The BFG (2016) BBC1 5.40pm

Roald Dahl's larger than life creation is brought vividly to life by Mark Rylance and Steven Spielberg with a superb script from ET writer Melissa Mathison. The transfer from page to screen is inspired and proves that Spielberg, after years of working on grown-up material, has not lost his ability to communicate with child-like wonder when the situation demands. Told with affection and imagination this is a glorious confection of a film and will add a wonderful Christmas glow to early evening on Boxing Day. Mark Rylance is brilliant as the title character.

Bridesmaids (2011) ITV2, 9pm

One of the funniest, rudest, most inventive comedies to come out of Hollywood for a very long time and one of the most successful – proving that a comedy by women for women can be as clever and entertaining as any movie that has gone before. Annie (Kristen Wiig), is a maid of honour whose life unravels as she leads her best friend, Lillian (Maya Rudolph), and a group of colourful bridesmaids (Rose Byrne, Melissa McCarthy, Wendi McLendon-Covey and Ellie Kemper) on a wild ride down the road to matrimony.

Love Actually (2003) ITV, 10.20pm

Love Actually has quickly become a Christmas staple with its collection of inter-linked stories taking a large star-filled cast across an emotionally entangled Christmas season. Bill Nighy steals the show as washed up rocker Billy Mack looking for success at any price while it is Alan Rickman and Emma Thompson who provide the emotional heart of the piece as a married couple who are having cope with the strains of a long-term relationship. Colin Firth has a touching tale which proves love is all around while Rowan Atkinson delivers a short but sweet cameo.

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