West Side Story

Marina Theatre, Lowestoft

All the colour and excitement of Leonard Bernstein's West Side Story came to life on the stage of the Marina Theatre.

Lowestoft Players took up the challenge of this latter day take on Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet.

The story portrays love conquering prejudice and bridging the culture gap.

As far as the Portuguese Sharks gang leader Bernardo, played by Lee Nevill, is concerned, his sister, Maria, is too good for the white American, Tony, who is one of the Jets.

After a hesitant start, the show picked up speed and the two main characters, Tony, played by Stephen Amer, and Maria, played by Hannah Caton, took centre stage.

Amer's voice has improved over the years and he put in a more than creditable performance. There was definitely a chemistry between him and the leading lady, who never once slipped out of character.

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Once more, the Players' attention to detail added up to an exceptionally realistic set. The cast worked hard to capture the excitement and tension of the script.

t Runs until September 18.

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