We tried crumpets from five different shops - here’s how own brand fared against Warburtons

Crumpets toasted on white dish and wooden table top. Photo: PaulMichaelHughes/Getty Images/iStockPho

Crumpets toasted on white dish and wooden table top. Photo: PaulMichaelHughes/Getty Images/iStockPhoto - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

You can't beat a good crumpet, lightly toasted with lashings of butter, but does it have to be Warburtons? We put own brand crumpets to the test to see whether there was a better supermarket alternative. Here's what we thought...

Marks and Spencer, 6 Ultimate Crumpets

Thick and fluffy, with a nice golden colour and even appearance the M&S crumpets provided a lovely buttery taste and were ideal for use with either a sweet or savoury topping. I'd definitely make these my new go to when craving a crumpet.


Tesco, 8 Crumpets

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Initial thoughts were that Tesco's crumpets weren't as fluffy as others, instead they felt a little hard. However when toasted, they seemed to rise in the middle, almost like a cake. These crumpets weren't very sweet, instead they had a slight nutty taste to them. However they were perfectly acceptable if you're looking for a cheaper own brand alternative, they do the job/


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Sainsbury's, 8 Crumpets

Sainsbury's crumpets were much thinner in terms of appearance than the others and looked a little dark before toasting, however they still had a nice spongy centre. The overall flavour was good, quite sweet and buttery. Would buy again.


Morrisons, 8 Crumpets

First impressions can be deceiving, but apparently not when it comes to Morrisons crumpets. They looked a little sad and sorry inside the packageing, all misshapen and uneven and the taste was equally as disappointing. Very bland.


Warburtons, 6 Crumpets

Warburtons crumpets were as good as we knew them to be. Thick and fluffy, with a tasty flavour. Despite my previous prejudice, they weren't the best of the bunch, coming in a close second to M&S.


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