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Those who believe classic comedies are vastly superior to today's humour will welcome this new play at Eye, written by Eric Chappell, creator of Rising Damp and Duty Free among other popular sitcoms.

This John Hickey production was one of the funniest plays seen recently, superbly acted by two newcomers to Eye.

It is set in a Spanish hotel in the 1960s - the first act tells the story of Robert and Linda, who appear to be entirely unsuited.

Robert is prudish and predictable while his wife is lively and flirtatious. Suspecting that she is having an affair, Robert attempts to spy on her with hilarious results.

After the interval we meet the other couple - David, a romantic but inwardly insecure character who falls for Linda's charms and Amy, more practical and down-to-earth, who catches him out.

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Seana Montague managed to change her whole appearance and manner as well as character in the totally different roles of Linda and Amy, while John Brenner was equally proficient in switching from John to David.

There were plenty of laughs throughout as well as some more poignant moments, making this a truly entertaining night.

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