Watch full episode: Cult kids TV show Knightmare makes its return to Norwich

YouTube's new production of cult kid's TV game show 'Knightmare' in production at EPIC Studios, Norw

YouTube's new production of cult kid's TV game show 'Knightmare' in production at EPIC Studios, Norwich. - Credit: Keith Whitmore

Childhood nostalgia has been brought back to life in Norwich thanks to the filming of an episode of a cult 1980s and 90s children's TV show.

YouTube's new production of cult kid's TV game show 'Knightmare' in production at EPIC Studios, Norw

YouTube's new production of cult kid's TV game show 'Knightmare' in production at EPIC Studios, Norwich. Isy Suttie and Hugo Myatt during filming. - Credit: Keith Whitmore

Fantasy gameshow Knightmare was a hit with older children and teenagers between 1987 and 1994, and was filmed at the Anglia Television studios in Agricultural Plain, Norwich.

The show has retained a huge online following and this week has returned to the city.

Filming of Knightmare concluded at Epic Studios, in Magdalen Street, yesterday ahead of its inclusion in a project being run by YouTube.

The video sharing website is hosting a 'Geek Week' between Sunday, August 4 and Saturday, August 10.

The remake of the Knightmare episode will feature on YouTube during Geek Week and the show's creator, Tim Child, who has directed the episode, is hoping it could lead to a new lease of life for the show. Mr Child, who lives near Bungay, said: 'If anybody had told me or the long-term cast that we would be back in Norwich nearly 20 years later, we would have thought they were off their head.

'We always expected someone to make another show like Knightmare, but they never did: maybe they weren't mad enough. So I don't know if we are filming the last Knightmare, or the next generation. Only time and the next six months will tell.'

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The YouTube theme continues throughout the episode as it will see four online personalities, who each have successful YouTube channels, try and win the gameshow. Yesterday lunchtime saw a group of about 30 youngsters, mostly girls, hanging around the stage door of Epic Studios hoping to meet two of the YouTube stars, Dan Howell and Phil Lester.

The pair present the BBC Radio One Sunday evening request show and their YouTube channels, Danisnotonfire (1.9m+ subscribers) and AmazingPhil (1m+), have made them internet stars. They are joined in the quest by fellow YouTube stars Stuart Ashen, who lives in the Heartsease area, and Emma Blackery (289,000+). Mr Ashen, 36, (pictured) who has over 360,000 subscribers to his channel, said: 'I absolutely loved the show when I was 10 or 11 so I was very excited to be involved. People like the show because it is a proper game, a real challenge, and it is played most of the time by people who are not going to win, so when they do it's good because the main characters are quite frequently getting killed off.'

The episode will feature a few celebrity fans, including comedian Isy Suttie, from Channel Four comedy Peep Show, and Harry Potter actress Jessie Cave.

They will join original cast members in trying to defeat the contestants, including Lord Fear, played by Mark Knight, and Lissard, played by Cliff Barry.

Hugo Myatt returns as Dungeon Master Tregard and said: 'For me it is quite surreal to be back in Norwich because it's 19 years since we last did it, so it's very strange and I'm even wearing the original costume.

'It's been fantastic, but then it always was because as you are recording it feels like it's live because you don't know what the contestants are going to do.'

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