Waiting For Godot

ALISON CROOSE River Studios, West Acre


River Studios, West Acre

The label 'masterpiece' inflicts great pressure on a theatre director, actors and the audience - with the desire to stage a play described as one of the most influential of the 20th century.

With the centenary of the birth of Samuel Beckett a month away, the timing was perfect and the demand for tickets has far exceeded capacity.

The play sets many challenges and asks many questions. The production was much enhanced by the imaginative use of space.

Director Issy Huckle sensitively highlighted the humour of the piece and the audience warmed to the exploitation of comic scenarios.

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The performance was characterised by fine acting which put the audience through the full gamut of emotions.

They were unanimously impressed with the performances of Andy Naylor (Vladimir) and David Senton (Estragon) with excellent support from David Connor (Pozzo), Charles Hotson (Lucky) and Theo Chesney-Beales (the boy).

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