Waffles and hot dogs to be added to the menu at Cromer’s 1950s milkshake bar

Leon Walder with a milkshake. Picture: Eleanor Pringle

Leon Walder with a milkshake. Picture: Eleanor Pringle - Credit: Eleanor Pringle

Despite having been open for only two months, a firm favourite on the Cromer high street is already looking to expand.

Shakes, Rattle & Roll in Hamilton Road will be adding to their all-American milkshake menu with classic hotdogs and waffles.

Leon Walder is the co-owner of the milkshake bar, he said: 'We're having proper traditional American hot dogs, either six or eight inches, with proper mustard and ketchup. Just like you'd imagine at a baseball game.'

And the fun doesn't stop there, he continued: 'Then in a few months we'll be getting some waffle makers, which particularly the ladies that come in are really excited about!'

Mr Walder has had a stellar first season in Cromer. He said: 'It's been unbelievable. But what's really fantastic is that 80pc of our customers are local, so we're not as badly effected when the tourists all go home and the schools go back. We've already paid our first year's rent and we've now covered our costs for the second. We know we're here to stay!'

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But Leon and his co-owning father Keith have plans to keep building their 1950's diner dream.

Leon, 37, said: 'In 10 years or so I'd love to have a bigger unit. Of course we'd keep selling our proper milkshakes, but then flip a few burgers and hot dogs. We'll just keep having good quality products at a good price, and there's nothing else like this in Cromer.'

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His father Keith, added: 'I think it went down so well because we're independent too, it's just us that are here keeping it open and serving, so we're really part of the community.'

The pair have worked hard to make sure that there's something for everyone, offering customers diabetic, gluten, and dairy free options.

Mr Walder said: 'People come in and look at me like I'm crazy because I can give them a dairy free milkshake, But in London that's what you'd expect, there to be something for everyone, so why shouldn't we have that here?'

Mr Walder is also preparing for the Christmas and Hallowe'en season. He said: 'We'll definitely be having specials for both events, and maybe even something with sparklers for bonfire night!'

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