‘Does Delia Smith actually sound like that?’ - Viewers react to Norwich episode of ITV’s In For A Penny

In For A Penny: Stephen and Julie Credit: ITV

In For A Penny: Stephen and Julie Credit: ITV - Credit: ITV

A fake Captain Canary, a Delia Smith look alike and spoons of mustard all featured in the Norwich episode of ITV's In For A Penny with viewers claiming it left them 'in stitches'.

In For A Penny: Stephen and Isabella and AnnabelCredit: ITV

In For A Penny: Stephen and Isabella and AnnabelCredit: ITV - Credit: ITV

The show is presented by Stephen Mulhern who visits cities across the UK and gives members of the public the chance to win £1,000 by offering a 1p stake and answering questions.

The second episode of the series, which aired on Saturday night, was filmed in locations across Norwich.

The Forum, Norwich Airport, Gentleman's Walk and Tesco in Blue Boar Lane all featured in the episode with members of the public taking part in a variety of games to win money.

In one segment, called 'Whatever the Weather' there was a fake Captain Canary, who is the Norwich City mascot, outside The Forum.

In For A Penny Credit: ITV

In For A Penny Credit: ITV - Credit: ITV

Stephen said they couldn't get the real one as the club wouldn't let them use it.

Former Anglia Television and Mustard TV presenter Helen McDermott took part in that game which saw contestants tip buckets over their head with the aim to find confetti and not water.

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After pouring two buckets of water on her head Helen eventually found the confetti and won £50.

Other games saw contestants try their best Delia Smith accent and dress up as witches.

In For A Penny: Stephen and Lamar. Credit: ITV

In For A Penny: Stephen and Lamar. Credit: ITV - Credit: ITV

Many people on Twitter were big fans of the episode.

@Nick_LCFC_fan_1 tweeted: 'My nan's loving this program about Norwich on ITV. I think her new nickname is Captain Canary.'

@nicksmithlive said: 'Watching #inForApenny with @StephenMulhern. My better half asks, 'Does Deliah Smith actually sound like that?''

@WallerWaller76 tweeted: 'Now that was funny. And being from Norwich I was in stitches.'

@PaulyP45 wrote: 'It's so wrong! But so funny! Can't stop watching.'

And @Sazzyness added: 'Why was I not in Norwich when this was filmed? I'd have been bonkers enough to have a go! In fact I'd have loved to had a go!'

But some people were not fans, with one Twitter user stating the show made them want to 'pick up my telly and throw it out the window'.

The series also includes 'real world games that you might play in your head or with your family' such as Weigh to Go at the airport, which enticed holidaymakers to guess the weight of their luggage, and Check It Out at Tesco with the chance for customers to win their shopping.

In For A Penny has always been a segment on Ant and Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway but in early 2018 was commissioned for its own series.

Other locations in the series include Essex, Glasgow and Leeds.