Video: City workers tempted by lunchtime entertainment

Rebecca GoughFrom street art to stand up, music to mime, workers are being tempted to leave their offices at lunchtimes for a series of free outdoor events in Norwich city centre.Rebecca Gough

From street art to stand up, music to mime, workers are being tempted to leave their offices at lunchtimes for a series of free outdoor events in the city centre.

Norwich's Millennium Plain will be alive with a different flavour of entertainment each weekday as hundreds of people on their lunch breaks or school holidays flock to see the unusual acts.

Yesterday , the Covent Garden style entertainment took a surreal twist as Bruce Airhead attempted to get his entire body inside an oversized balloon - and back out again.

Darren Cross, programme manager at the Forum, said the event was now in its third year and regularly attracted crowds of 250 upwards each lunchtime.

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He added: 'It brings Millennium Plain to life which is part of the object of it, and to give people on their lunch break somewhere nice to sit.

'We find people tend to sit outside the Forum so we thought let's give them something to watch. We programme it with the fact children are off school in mind.

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'It's just fun and frothy and exciting stuff really.'

The entertainment will continue until Friday, August 14. The event began on Monday with returning act Artizini, with his comic slapstick routines.

On Tuesday the week took a surreal twist as Barnaby, billed as the ultimate daredevil, crash landed as a giant fly on a unicycle.

Still to come are a mix of performances including a pair of comedy PE Teachers, Bernie Bennett's Embarrassing Dad, juggling, acrobatics and stunts.

Mavis Mihr, 80, from Taverham, watched Wednesday's performance with her grandchildren. She said: 'Someone told me this was going on and so we came down because it's good for the grandchildren.

'I think we'd come back another day.'

Aaron Dunford, visiting the city with his wife and children from Wakefield, said: 'I think it's a good idea for half an hour. We came into the city because the weather wasn't so good, and it's good for the children.'

Karen High, 47, from Bowthorpe, added: 'I think it's good to de-stress for a while. It lightens the load for a bit.'

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Are you holding an unusual summertime event? Contact reporter Rebecca Gough on 01603 772428 or email


July 30 - Goronwy Thorn, crowd pleasing routines and audience participation.

July 31 - The Black Eagles, featuring acrobatic skills and energetic dance performances.

August 3 -Work off your lunch with hapless 1980s PE teachers who are on a mission to get the nation fit for the 2012 Olympics using only their enthusiasm, a roving musical pommel horse and some PE kits rescued from the lost and found locker.

August 4 - Comic Bernie Bennett's latest character creation, Embarrassing Dad, serves up a plateful of heart-stopping tightrope skills and comic buffoonery.

August 5 -Satisfy your thirst for entertainment with the skilful meanderings of That Juggler (pictured), including plate-spinning, juggling and unicycling.

August 6 -The School for Buskers, two novices trying to busk for the first time, hoping that the audience won't eat them for dinner in the process!

August 7 - New balls please. A mix of comedy, tennis and audience participation, as a hilarious and thrilling 'one setter' is played out live.

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