Two decades and the Nimmo Twins hint lookin’ like stoppin’

The Nimmo Twins: Owen Evans, left, and Karl Minns. Photo: Submitted

The Nimmo Twins: Owen Evans, left, and Karl Minns. Photo: Submitted - Credit: Archant

For the last 20 years they have been a Norwich institution, causing audiences to roll in the aisles with laughter.

Now, as they celebrate their 20th anniversary, the Nimmo Twins are still going strong.

The comedy duo, made up of Karl Minns and Owen Evans, complete a run of shows at the Playhouse tonight, before moving on to four sold-out dates at the Theatre Royal, marking their two decades together as an act.

In this time, the pair have become well-known for their Normal for Norfolk project, a comedy sketch show satirising Norfolk life in a way only people from our part of the world could.

Mr Minns said: 'I think audiences in Norwich feel such a sense of ownership of the show, which is why it has worked so well for us over the years.

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'The jokes are about things people really know about, so that's why they get such good reactions.'

The pair are currently enjoying a wildly successful run of shows and Mr Minns says they have been receiving some of the biggest laughs they have ever heard.

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He added: 'Some people have been coming up to us telling us they haven't laughed like that for years. That's the best kind of feedback you can get.

'These shows are the most fun we have had for a long time and have received such a warm reaction.'

Over the years the pair have created a huge back catalogue of characters and sketches, with several memorable moments over the years.

Mr Minns said: 'One of the biggest highlights for me was getting Stewart White on stage to mime along with one of our songs – what an incredible moment that was.

'I remember at the very start somebody telling me people in Norfolk don't like comedy, so it wouldn't work, but here we are 20 years later. Mind you, I would be staggered if we were still here in another 20, but if we can keep the material fresh, who knows?'

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