The Water Rats, London

> The Water Rats, London

Following in the footsteps of The Darkness, the EDP Next Big Thing finalists, Turnstone, kicked off their series of London gigs at one of the capital's most prestigious venues for new musical talent.

Performing original material only, the five-piece rock outfit opened with the rousing When I get you alone.

Before the capacity crowd could regain their composure, they blasted into dance- floor favourite Give everything you've got.

Using their well-practised stagecraft, they gently calmed the crowd to the aptly named Calm down Carrie, a mellifluous song which demonstrated the technical ability of all the band members.

The greatest moment of the evening came when the lead singer cajoled the crowd into singing the chorus of the simple yet effective, I will take you home.

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With Cheshire cat grins plastered over their sweating faces, they encored to the powerful guitar-led Feena Roulette.

Turnstone should be proud of their performance.

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