Norfolk’s truckers return for a 33rd year and add Norwich fund raiser to program

East Coast Truckers convoy through Yarmouth in previous years. Photo: Nick Butcher

East Coast Truckers convoy through Yarmouth in previous years. Photo: Nick Butcher - Credit: Nick Butcher

One of Norfolk's favourite events will return this summer when the East Coast Truckers and their 87 lorries make their annual journey from Norwich to Great Yarmouth.

The truck charity group will be holding a fund raising day on July 21, as well as their yearly drive from County Hall, to Lowestoft, to Great Yarmouth on August 26.

Each of the lorry cabs will be hosting a disabled or disadvantaged child from Norfolk, who will be driven for an afternoon at Pleasurewood Hills before being part of the parade through Great Yarmouth.

The truckers will be leaving at 10am, and arriving back to Norwich at around 7.30pm.

Trevor Howlett is the organiser of the event, he said: 'This event started 33 years ago. We had a pot of money which used to be used to replace radio equipment, but then we no longer needed it and were left with a pot of money.

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'So we started doing this. I've been doing this for a while now, and every driver who's never done it asks why we do.'

Mr Howlett, 67, explained: 'It brings a tear to your eye, which is quite funny for the big burly drivers, to see all of these kids waving to people lining the streets.

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'Particularly for the disabled children, they've never been in a space so big or so high up. The ceilings of the cab are tall but they can also see all around them and beneath them.'

Mr Howlett, who lives in Wreningham, said: 'We get a police escort all the way, so we don't stop for red lights or roundabouts. It's a once in a lifetime opportunity for some of the children.

'We all dress in the same tie and truckers shirt, and it makes for a real event for spectators and the children.'

The truckers' pre-onvoy event in July will be held at the Forum.

Visitors will be invited to sit i nand explore seven of the trucks, as well as seeing bands playing on the stage of an adapted articulated lorry.

The event will feature country singer Mitch C Scott, as well as a tombola, and will take place between 10.30am and 5pm.

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