Time and Time Again

Eye Theatre

An Ayckbourn comedy is guaranteed to pull in the crowds and on this showing the popular play did not disappoint. Director Christiane Hille had assembled a brand new cast each of whom appeared tailor-made for their respective roles.

The story is set in Anna and Graham's conservatory, back garden and part of the recreation field. Due to the smallness of the Eye Theatre the actors had to mime opening and closing imaginary French doors while a cricket match was supposedly played out beyond the back row of the audience. This in no way detracted from the action, which in common with many Ayckbourn plays centres on developing the peculiarities of human nature combined with witty dialogue.

Graham as believingly portrayed by Martin Buchan is the type of husband who imagines himself as fanciable to the opposite sex but who in reality is a crashing and irritating bore. His long-suffering wife Anna, well portrayed by Rebecca Stokes, has to keep the peace in between making endless cups of tea.

The most complex character was Anna's brother Leonard, a dreamy and romantic loner who has a dark side to his nature when reminded of his past failed marriages. In a sensitive and adept performance by Anthony Biggs, Leonard comes to life when the attractive Joan (Jane Lesley) transfers her attentions to him from her fiancé Peter, Graham's employee. Peter played by Alexander Caine tries to interest an unwilling Leonard into taking up sport with hilarious consequences.

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The laugh-a-minute comedy ends on Saturday September 27.

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