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The word Christmas may be the current target for the politically correct brigade on the grounds that it may offend other faiths, but this famed Norfolk extravaganza proves its timeless message of peace and hope remain for many as powerful as ever.

Saturday's first evening performance audience found themselves, even in mid-November, captivated by the colourful magical world of festive fantasy that John Cushing's sell-out Christmas Spectacular has again created.

Each year it seems that this three-hour tour-de-force celebrating Christmas cannot be surpassed, but once again it is and how the capacity audience loved it…laughing and applauding they way through the whole wonderful experience.

The feel-good factor is writ large on happy faces as hundreds stream out of the auditorium recalling their favourite musical interlude, scene, song or joke from hugely popular farmer turned comic Keith Loads (this year accompanied by a large make-believe sheep).

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For the 29th Thursford season Mr Cushing, the show's tireless director and producer, has drawn upon his successful secret formula to create the ultimate Christmas experience, cleverly fusing the sacred and secular in a fast-moving musical marathon. It takes your breath away by its sheer exuberance and spine-tingling drama.

Where else in the country will you find a 100-strong cast of musicians, singers and dancers who work together to evoke our fondest traditional Christmas memories?.

One minute we are listening to a hauntingly beautiful solo rendition of Silent Night, the next we are watching the beautiful Masquerade dance routine, the stunningly sumptuous colourful costumes causing a sharp intake of breath.

Then our attention is switched to the dance troupe dressed as toy soldiers parading across the 100-foot wide stage , minutes later the singers combine in choruses of Kwmbayah and the finale numbers including White Christmas and Auld Lang Syne.

It's a Norfolk-produced phenomenon to be savoured and by the end of its run on December 23, 107,000 people will have done just that.

A limited number of tickets returns are still available for particular dates. Contact the box office on 01328 878477 for more details.

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