Thrilling taste of the high life

Reporter NICK HEATH conquered his fears to take to the treetops at the Extreeme Adventure park in New Wood, Weasenham, which has reopened.

As a naturally cautious person I tend to devote my time to avoiding risk as much as possible.

So it was a surprise when I found myself 40ft off the ground, battling the wind to keep my balance on a piece of wire no thicker than my finger.

But startling yourself is what the Extreeme Adventure park is all about.

From your initial trepidation at the 10ft training course you gradually ascend, finally scaling the upper reaches to clamber between precariously hanging logs, rickety rope-bridges and suspended tunnels.

Of course the danger is all an illusion, even if you do lose your grip the worse you will suffer is the indignity of dangling by your harness, which is secured to a safety wire running throughout the course.

Just when you've conquered the 20ft and 40ft adventure course the park throws its 3G Swing, 85ft Fan Descender and 1,000ft zip wire at you, a massive fix for adrenaline junkies.

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The 3G swing starts from 45ft up, hurtling you towards the ground and leaving your stomach behind while the 85ft fan descender is a leap of faith from near the top of Grand Fir attached to a wire which slows your fall in the nick of time.

The park will stay open until October 31 and for the first time under-18s will be able to enjoy the thrill of the rides.

Owner Toby Coke, who set up the park last year, said he hoped its popularity would build.

“I think it offers anyone a real adrenaline rush, as well as the chance to build confidence and gain a real sense of achievement,” he said.

“It is completely different to the usual sort of activities like paintballing and also gets people to enjoy the beautiful natural ambience of the woods who might not otherwise come here.

“It is our intention to keep managing these woods for another 100-years, by which time they will have grown even larger and should look fantastic.”

Set among 250 acres of ancient coniferous woodland the park also offers a chance to stroll among the vast stretches of pink and white blooms of the rhododendrons and azaleas, as well to learn about the woods' rare and towering species of tree, like the 155 ft Grand Fir.

Jason Borthwick, of Deepdale Backpackers and Company, based in Burnham Deepdale, tackled the course yesterday with a group of staff, in preparation for taking customers.

He said: “It has been really good. We are all surprised by what we managed to get done and I can not believe that I jumped off a tree from 85ft up on the end of a piece of wire.”

For more information about Extreeme Adventure contact 07775 593477 or 01328 838720.