The Thrills

UEA LCR, Norwich

On hearing The Thrills for the first time you could be forgiven for thinking that they had just flown in from a beach in San Diego, rather than their native Ireland. Laden with Beach Boys harmonies and near-falsetto vocals reminiscent of Neil Young, The Thrills wear their obvious musical reference points with pride.

The music certainly wasn't designed for a damp and dingy October evening in Norwich - but this didn't seem to worry the enthusiastic audience.

However much you like them, The Thrills certainly aren't breaking any new ground.

They rattle through the album tracks with vigour and enthusiasm, but the overall effect was more comfortable than captivating.

They seemed to settle into their groove as the set progressed, moving from a beautifully mellow Just Travelling Through to an anthemic Santa Cruz with consummate ease.

A couple of new tracks were showcased (we weren't told what they were called) and in all honesty they were no radical departure from their current debut album, So Much For The City.

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It seems as if The Thrills are going nowhere fast, but their laid back philosophy certainly left a warm glow after they had left the stage.

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