The Three Musketeers: Le Panteau!

The Garage, Norwich

The Garage, Norwich

Pantomime isn't to everyone's taste. The well-worn catchphrases and slavish adherence to the genre's conventions can, on paper, appear as enticing as the ugliest of ugly sisters.

However, once there it's hard not to find yourself shouting “He's behind you!” with the best of them.

Happily, this ripsnorting production of Richard Lloyd's irreverent take on the classic Dumas tale has enough raucous frivolity to gladden the heart of Scrooge himself (although, given some of the gloriously filthy innuendo, Tiny Tim might be best left at home).

Will D'Artagnan escape his aunt's pig farm and fulfil his dream of joining the Three Musketeers?

Will the heroic foursome foil the evil Cardinal Richeleeugh's plot to engineer war with England?

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Will Gerard Drippy-Dew, France's most massive snail, actually eat the true Quiche of Lorraine?

Of course, honour and justice ultimately triumph, but not before Tom Hopkins as the Cardinal and

Thomas Sparkes as his sidekick Roquefort cackle impressively over their malevolent schemes.

Jack Bannon also shines as the vocally impaired King Louis and the musketeers themselves (Abi Parker, Alice Cogdell, Katy Bulmer and Coco Edwards) trade banter with thigh-slapping abandon.

All in all, a hugely enjoyable kick-off to the festive season (Oh yes it is!).

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