The stage is set for a spectacular Norfolk and Norwich Festival finale

From a stage suspended in the sky to the voice of Obama – the late night Norfolk and Norwich Festival finale will be like nothing ever seen before.

A show with a strong message about climate change will take over Eaton Park for all to see.

The Wired Aerial Theatre Company's As the World Tipped, which is to be premiered in Norwich, is written and directed by the creator of the Sydney Olympics and Liverpool Capital of Culture opening ceremonies Nigel Jamieson.

He is one of the world's leading creators of outdoor spectacles.

'I hope it will be something that people have never seen the likes of before,' he said.

The story is set around the Copenhagen climate change conference, the politicians see the world around them descend into chaos. 'They do not notice that the whole stage is beginning to tip, the table begins to tip over and the whole stage lifts into the sky.

'People get blown into the air as the politicians continue to bicker.'

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'I suppose I like to make some of my work about issues that affect us all. I am much more interested in trying to do something that is unlike anything else that has been done in the world', he said.

The stage weighs more than five tonnes, so it will be quite a feat. Mr Jamieson arrives in Norwich tomorrow and it is an ambitious production to get ready for Saturday in such a short space of time.

He said the production tells the story through film and imagery.

'It is scary,' he said.

'I think it is an event for everybody really. I think everyone would find it unusual.'

The show features real recordings of the Copenhagen climate change conference, including the voice of Barack Obama.

It lasts around 50 minutes.

'I hope it will be something that people remember in years to come and that it won't just be another festival event. That is my ambition', he added.

Festival Finale The Wired Aerial Theatre Company As the World Tipped is at Eaton Park in Norwich on Saturday at 10.15pm. It is a free event.

NNF11 runs until Saturday. For more information go to, you can book tickets by phone on 01603 766400 or in person at the Theatre Royal box office.

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