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The Seed Carriers was a nightmare puppet parable inspired by Richard Dawkin's book, The Selfish Gene.

In his famous contribution to the survival debate, Dawkins put forward the idea that man had no motivation other than to carry forwards vital DNA.

Are we nothing but seed carriers, then?

In this bleak view, where would be the place for the arts for instance?

Mottram's new play argued that the logical conclusion of such a vision would put mankind in a very vulnerable position.

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With no real minds of our own, somebody or something else might start thinking for us: and this spawned a holocaust type vision in which Godlike creatures pulled apart the entrails of armies of seed carriers and used the DNA patterns to manufacture human beings on a factory scale, putting them to work as slaves in their infernal design.

This was terrifying and compelling viewing.

I almost couldn't bear to watch as each little puppet was ruthlessly snatched up, flaying about in the most lifelike way until its neck was broken and it was tossed on the pile.

The only creatures which escaped the traps were ingenious and rather beautiful creatures which were birds one side and men the other. The hope of creativity.

The illusion was beautifully sustained. There was never a second when I doubted that the puppets I was watching were alive.

And every moment mattered. An awe-inspiring warning.

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