The Secret Life of Four Year Olds captures the behaviour of a set of children as they meet for the first time

The new young stars of Channel 4's The Secret Life Of Four Year Olds (Picture: Channel 4)

The new young stars of Channel 4's The Secret Life Of Four Year Olds (Picture: Channel 4) - Credit: C4

This new series is a golden opportunity to have a secret peek into the lives of the reception-age children as they take their first steps towards independence, forge friendships and find their feet away from their families.

We are introduced to a new inner-city school where secret cameras are used to capture the behaviour of a set of four-year-olds as they meet for the first time and offering their views on what happens will be specialists in child development Dr Elizabeth Kilbey and Dr Sam Wass. Dr Kilbey feels that we can all learn and relate to what happens between the youngsters: 'For parents, it's about having a better understand-ing with your own children. But we've all been four, so even if you're not a parent, you're relating to experiences you've had. And on another level, you can watch the playground dynamics and think, 'That's actually a bit like our office'. There is some-thingrelatable at every level about what the children are showing usbecause they're so human and that's essentially what we're so fascinated in, the human experience.'

Among those we'll be getting to know is cheeky Fabian, who the experts describe as a 'dandelion' child - one that thrives in any environment. That rings true, until an unfortunate incident involving some forbidden chocolate means he's left on the outskirts of the group.

Taysia, however, is an 'orchid' - someone highly sensitive to her envi-ronment who doesn't thrive easily. But she's a determined soul, and by the end of the week has formed an unlikely alliance within the group.

Evie-Rae, meanwhile, sets herself up as the gatekeeper of the play-ground tree-house, and doesn't like it when two children challenge her authority.

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But everyone is thrilled by the sight of 10 eggs inside an incubator which hatch during filming. And when one of the chicks dies, the children gather for an impromptu funeral. Life, birth and death, The

Secret Life of Four Year Olds has it all.

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The Secret Life of Four Year Olds: Channel 4, 8pm

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