The Sargasso Trio

Eve StebbingNorwich Arts Centre (Norfolk and Norwich Festival)Eve Stebbing

Norwich Arts Centre (Norfolk and Norwich Festival)

A quartet that calls itself a trio. Perhaps one of the members supposes they're invisible, if so, presumably it's not the wonderful singer: Emily Siddall a Norfolk girl with a world class voice.

Sargasso is just one of the acts financially supported by the Arts Centre via the Arts Council Escalator scheme: a project which enables fledgling bands to take their first few steps.

Red head Siddall opened the evening singing of a red haired girl: unlocking a sound that was truly hybrid: somewhere between electronica grunge and steel band. There was a hopeful quality to it, a slightly Jamaican ring which swiftly turned pop. The evening acted as a third album preview, and with all the technical wizardry, the CD would be worth sampling. Sargasso feel like a real Festival band, and it's easy to see why Jonathan Holloway included them in this year's line-up. Personally, I'd like to see them playing somewhere outdoors and expansive at the end of a long, lazy, summer's day. Sargasso was supported by Mary Epworth, whose voice was also a hit.

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