The Royal Air Force in Concert

MICHAEL DRAKE Norwich Theatre Royal


> Norwich Theatre Royal

Last evening's RAF Charitable Trust concert to mark the 60th anniversary of the start of a drive to international co-operation, embodied in the then new United Nations, was a treat.

This was the big band sound par excellence, conducted by Wing Commander Stuart Stirling and it was his Global co-operation fan-fares which opened this concert - one of a nationwide tour.

While Spartacus didn't exactly sparkle, Gershwin and Nigel Hess' Global Variations, the symbol of hope, were full of rhythm, while subtle lighting enhanced the visual effect of the near 40-piece band filling the stage.

Some outstanding solo spots, vocal and instrumental, contin-ued the variety of the programme of marches, jazz, classical and popular music which included violins in a Riverdance sequence.

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Actor Gareth Hunt made poignant the introductions, which included, of course, the Dambusters March and nostalgia in a salute to Glen Miller and, of course, the RAF March Past.

Per ardua ad astra - the RAF Concert Band made the heights easily.