The Rivals

ISABEL COCKAYNE Theatre Royal, Bury St Edmunds


Pitting their wills against each other in this remarkable comedy, The Rivals took the Theatre Royal audience by storm.

As ever, Sheridan's larger than life characters and plotting were a delight thanks to the artful choreography and direction of The Compass Theatre Company.

The “queen of the dictionary” Mrs Malaprop, Carol Macready, warmed to her role during the first half, but with some of the best lines, it is difficult not to steal the show with this role.

Macready was great as the pompous vanguard to her niece Lydia Languish played excellently by Danielle King.

Sir Anthony Absolute, played by Robert Austin, was passionate in his “meek” criticism of his son Jack and fretful and jealous Faulkland, Simon Hepworth, was excellent.

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As the plot thickened, the comedy heightened and the players truly knew how to play to the audience.

Altogether the show was a resounding success.