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RICHARD BATSON Coronation Hall, Mundesley (Mundesley Festival)


Coronation Hall, Mundesley (Mundesley Festival)

Not many shows offer you “pole dancing”, poetry, song and squit on one bill.

But the Press Gang like to dew diffrunt, and continue to enthral village hall audiences with a mix of rum owd, home-spun rural fun.

Their visit to Mundesley was no exception from the rhyming intro-duction by Shelagh Olley's Norfolk Fairy to the traditional singalong finale to Hev Yew Gotta Loight Boy, led by Danny Platton, including a new verse reflecting the introduction of the public place smoking ban.

In between Colin Burleigh rattled off his quick-fire humour on a range of everyday subjects from hospitals and pubs with a drizzle of Viagra sauce, and lanky Greg Powles turned to verse, with the show glued together by the wit of compere Keith Skipper, whose son Robin also joined the performers with a splash of Sid Kipper poetry.

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Local comic Pat Nearney's turns included a manic one-man musical love story involving a suitcase full of wigs and hats, as well as a tongue twister about Peter the snake being rebuked for hissing in the pot.

The whole cast, including the Gal Liza, joined forces for a radio-style drama, complete with audience sound effects, and former Cromer lifeboat coxswain Richard Davies introduced the crowd to the historic art of step-dancing, helped by his grandson and two teenage girls who did the energetic pole dancing, using a broom handle.

It is an unashamedly old-­ fashioned concept that is continuing to support the EDP's We Care Appeal, and has an appeal all of its own for those who like entertainment at its rawest rural best.

t A collection at the concert raised £218 for the We Care Appeal.

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