The Nimmo Twins: Normal For Norfolk 8

Norwich Playhouse

As traditional as Santa himself, the Nimmo Twins, aka Karl Minns and Owen Evans, turn up every Christmas to entertain on home ground.

Disaster almost struck last night as Owen, the more rotund of the two, was well below par and there were rumours of cancelling the show. However, in true showbiz style, the show did go on - albeit with Minns doing the lion's share of the sketches and songs.

The pair have a well-tuned routine that basically takes the mickey out of city life - the people, council, football club and even us at the EDP, for gawd's sake!

Several characters are now old favourites - Catton gal is as delicious as ever as she reveals a soft centre, the council officials remain as inefficient as ever and Andrew Motion still loathes Prince of Wales Road.

The duo are uniformly rude about everyone, especially the working class, and new-comers might find their humour a bit too Bernard Manning with gags about gipsies, illegal immigrants and everyone from Yarmouth.

The only person shown a touch of affection is the Look East presenter Stewart White, who has somehow got involved in the show. Each year he plays a cameo role and you won't be disappointed - I won't reveal any more, well, not as much as Stewart!

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One high point of the show, which never pauses for breath, is a great musical version of the Tony Martin story, as performed by a local am dram company.

Interpretations of Tragedy, Our House and the grand finale, Summer Nights from Grease, show just how sharp the pair's writing skills are - and how much you can get away with if you really try.

The show is put together very quickly, in a matter of weeks, is very topical and really very, very clever. But don't bother getting all analytical about it - just go and have a great time!

Normal For Norfolk 8: Nickers Off Ready When I Get Home continues until December 20. Box office: 01603 598598.

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