The musician behind television’s Broadchurch soundtrack looks ahead to Norwich date

NNF15 - Ólafur Arnalds.

NNF15 - Ólafur Arnalds. - Credit: submitted

The chances are you will have heard the music of Ólafur Arnalds - you just might not realise it.

For the Icelandic composer is the man behind the hauntingly beautiful soundtrack for the recent hit terrestrial television drama Broadchurch.

And next week he heads to the city's Theatre Royal to perform as part of the Norfolk and Norwich Festival.

His is arguably one of the most thrilling bookings of this 2015 festival and those lucky enough to realise that should be in for a real treat.

Rather than being a collection of short pieces written just to fit a script, the Broadchurch soundtrack more than holds it's own as a full-length album.

And of course there is a lot more to the 28-year-old than just the music that has proved to be something of a breakthrough for him, not just on these shores but around the world.

Three studio albums in his own name have brought critical acclaim, sold-out solo shows and a tour with fellow countrymen Sigur Ros.

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The match-up with Iceland's other successful musical export is an apt one and gives a hint at the style of music Monday night's Norwich audience can expect.

Catching up with him as he prepared to head to the city he spoke of his excitement at the date.

He said: 'It is going to be one of the last Broadchurch shows we do so I'm really looking forward to it.

'We are bringing the same set as for our UK tour in February so we have a string quartet, a brass trio and electronics, so hopefully it will be a good show.

'I always find that audiences in the UK are very knowledgeable and very excited. I always seem to sell out very quickly.'

While the show will include some of his previous work, much of the focus will be on that from the TV series. So just how does a relatively obscure Icelandic composer of ambient experimental music land the job of sound tracking a prime time drama? And what impact has it had on his career?

He explained: 'I was contacted by them as when they had been writing the show apparently they had been listening to my music and thought it could for what they were after.

'Initially I was just working from the scripts as they hadn't even filmed the episodes. Then I got the episodes and that is when the real work started.

'I have not actually watched it back in full yet, I think I still need some time so I can look at it with fresh eyes.

'But the show has been great for me. It is so immensely popular and a lot of people will hear the music, Google my name and hopefully find my other work.

'I know when it's being shown in another country as suddenly my Twitter followers will spike.'

Ólafur will also be appearing at this year's Latitude Festival as part of one of his side projects, an experimental techno duo called Kiasmos

For more information or tickets to Monday's show log onto or call 01603 766400.

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