The Maintenance Man

Eye Theatre

Three talented actors and a young director all new to Eye brought a breath of fresh air and an entertaining theatrical experience to this well-written Richard Harris comedy. The fast-moving play which could have been confusing at times with the many flashbacks, was so well performed that the audience had no difficulty in following the story. Indeed they became an integral part of the show something that can only be achieved in the theatre's intimate surroundings.

The central character – scriptwriter Bob – prefers to work in the mornings and evenings, turning to something completely different in the afternoons. In his case it is DIY but the situation becomes complicated when he flits from house to house causing havoc between his ex-wife and new girlfriend. Andrew Keatley, well personified the harassed Bob, trying to maintain the links between his family and his new life while having to juggle the purse strings.

Behind the hilarity of the dialogue there is an undertone of pathos and while Bob is little more adept at sustaining relationships than at putting up shelves he always invokes sympathy.

The two women were well suited to their very different characters — Pippa Edwards as Christine is as volatile as an erupting volcano but continually shows her insecurity; while Eleanor Howell is the perfect contrast as the attractive and suave Diana, who knows how to manipulate Bob with her feminine wiles but in the end becomes suspicious of his constant visits to his former home.

Director Benet Catty showed great skill in keeping the action flowing throughout the constant time changes aided by evocative lighting effects designed by David Hermon.

The play runs until Saturday April 3. Box office: 01379 870519.

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