The Levellers

Thetford Forest

The Levellers @ Thetford Forest


Its reassuring to know that some things never change. While their fans span two generations The Levellers still look and sound the same as ever.

The forest came alive as the first chords of Fifteen Years growled from Jeremy Cunningham's bass in a whirl of dreadlocks.

If half the crowd were still in nappies when it first hit the charts, they still seemed to know the words.

Brighton's finest breezed effortlessly through two decades of agit pop.

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While age may have mellowed a lot of the audience, The Levellers bear it well.

Its hard to think of a better setting than Thetford Forest.

Where else could the crusties and the picnic set rub shoulders with so much elbow room?

The band looked like they enjoyed the show as much as the audience did.

Perhaps that's why they have outlasted so many of their 1980s contemporaries.

You get the feeling they'll still be going strong 10 years down the line.

There's still only One Way of life.