The Jungle Book - Bruce James Productions

Marina Theatre, Lowestoft

Marina Theatre, Lowestoft

The Jungle Book, adapted for the stage by Debra James, is a fantastic mix of song and dance with a hint of pantomime thrown in.

The lights went down at the start of the show to a long drawn-out ahhhh from the many children in the audience. From then on they were captivated as Rudyard Kipling's story of Mowgli the man-cub (Morgan Roberts), who grows up in the jungle to follow his destiny to conquer his great enemy Shere Khan the man-eating tiger (Benjamin Roddy) and return to live among his own people, was brought to life by a superb cast.

Stefan the narrator (James Marin) keeps the story flowing and Baloo the bear (Damien Williams) and the black panther Bagheera (James Campbell) become the children's heroes as they battle to keep Mowgli safe from “that bad, bad tiger”, as one little girl shouted out.

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This is a superb introduction to live theatre for children and the young audience proved that they respond to the magic of a favourite story coming to life in front of them.

This show is a half-term treat for any child and their parents will have a great time too.

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t The show runs until Saturday, October 27.

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