The Inaccurate Conception

ALISON CROOSE River Studios, West Acre


> River Studios, West Acre

There is trouble brewing when the innkeeper suffers from stage fright, one of the three kings arrives with Frankenstein and Joseph will pick a fight with anyone.

The school nativity play is fraught with hazards, and the production at Verruca Street Primary is no exception when a newly-qualified teacher is allotted the poisoned chalice.

All the perils and pitfalls of the Christmas celebration are encapsulated in this splendid play by Richard Ahsam and Geoff Saunders.

West Acre stalwart Katherine Shaw designed and directed an excellent production performed by youth drama group, First Act Productions. Sound and lighting effects added much to its success.

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The technically complex work necessitates slick, quickfire treatment and the teenagers met its demands and stepped up the pace in time for a shambolic performance which had the West Acre audience in stitches.

Steven Bond as the yobbish Shane and Elinor Barley as the star-struck Jessica reached an uneasy truce in the roles of Joseph and Mary surrounded by the petrified innkeeper Spencer (Matt Cara) and the clever clogs shepherd Dougal (Bill Trattle).

The besieged teacher (Andrea Franklin) emerged victorious despite attempted sabotage by her scheming colleagues (Rachael Cummins and Hermione Hotson).